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    Kirsten reacted to Ryan79 in Worst Royal ship?   
    Any RC ship that you are currently on is always 1000% better than not being on any RC ship at all. 
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    Kirsten reacted to Swar in Worst Royal ship?   
    My worst ship is the one I don't have scheduled yet. I like them all!
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    Kirsten reacted to karl_nj in Kids sail free not free??   
    I guess one way to compare if the kids sail free is "working" is to put the ages of the kids as 13.  You should then get the "full price", as kids sail free is only for 12 and under.
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    Kirsten reacted to Ogalthorpe Haywood in Kids sail free not free??   
    Not all cruises qualify for kids sail free 
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    Kirsten reacted to twangster in Anthem of the Sea - Deck 7 question   
    Balconies in general start on deck 6 on this class.  
    Deck 6 has more obstructed compared to the deck 7 obstructed cabins.  The obstructed cabins on deck 6 & 7 are the same price so compared to deck 6, deck 7 is much better.
    Keep in mind both are advertised as "obstructed" so take them for what they are - a way to get a balcony cabin ar a lower price with the trade off of accepting some obstruction.  These are not sold to unsuspecting cruisers, anyone booking an obstructing cabin should expect... an obstruction.  There are a few spots on deck 6 & 7 that are not obstructed by the vast majority of deck 6 & 7 balcony cabins are obstructed.  Once your look at deck 8 only then are there no obstructed balconies on this class.  
    Here are some pics from a deck 7 obstructed balcony on a sister ship.

    The reason to book deck 6 or 7 is save money knowing there will be obstruction.  If this sort of obstruction exceeds your desires then look to balcony cabins on deck 8 or above that typically book at a slightly higher cost compared to deck 6 & 7.
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    The library is a great quite place with a large table.  It is upstairs of the 270.
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    Kirsten got a reaction from WAAAYTOOO in Anthem of the Seas - Apr 16, 2023 - Apr 23, 2023 (7 Night Bahamas & Perfect Day Cruise)   
    I'll be on this one; it will be our second time on Anthem.  Looking forward to it!
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    Kirsten got a reaction from CrimsonCruiser in Who wears their Crown & Anchor pin? WHY?   
    Thanks for the info!  We were platinum on our last cruise (made platinum on the cruise prior to it) and didn't receive pins.  I might inquire about it since I think my kids would like to have them on their lanyards.
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    Kirsten reacted to CrimsonCruiser in Who wears their Crown & Anchor pin? WHY?   
    Platinum, which is the next level after gold. You should  get one for every level after Gold and it is supposed to be delivered to your stateroom on embarkation day of the next cruise after reaching the level.
    So if you take a cruise that pushes you from one level to the next you shouldn't get it there (I say shouldn't because my mom and I got our Emerald pins on our Emerald qualifying cruise which we both knew was weird but I think they were just getting it out of the way) but it should be in your room on the next cruise you take after those points are added.
    Of course, with everything going on its been noted that the pins don't always make it to the rooms.
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    Kirsten reacted to HeWhoWaits in Who wears their Crown & Anchor pin? WHY?   
    My wife has them attached to the lanyard she uses for her SeaPass. Mine are in a drawer or three somewhere at home.
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    Kirsten reacted to Shari in Who wears their Crown & Anchor pin? WHY?   
    Guilty here.  We and our cruising friends always have ours on because we attached them to our lanyards.  We aren't arrogant about our status but we have earned that status and enjoy the perks.  We have witnessed people who make sure that everyone knows that they are diamond or whatever (this was back in 2014) and they were jerks about it. I don't mind seeing people wear their status pins or not but we do enjoy wearing ours.
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    Kirsten reacted to BowTieBrigade in Who wears their Crown & Anchor pin? WHY?   
    My in-laws are very into status. They constantly brag about being D+ and are super impressed when they meet Pinnacle members. So I like to wear my Platinum pin when we go to the MDR with them so that I can wow them. 😂😂😂
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    Kirsten reacted to CrimsonCruiser in Who wears their Crown & Anchor pin? WHY?   
    I like having them. They're fun, small round shiny things. Just made Diamond (but should be getting the pins on the next cruise).
    The mom and I wore our Platinum and Emerald pins on our lanyards with our sea pass. More to mark it as our Royal Caribbean Lanyard than anything else I think.
    TBH if I ever make pinnacle not sure I'd wear the bar just cuz it's bulky unlike the small round pins that can be easily placed anywhere.
    But in response to OP...it has nothing to do with "ooh I'm special look at me." I like things I have and I like to wear them regardless if anyone else notices them or not.
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    Kirsten reacted to smokeybandit in Who wears their Crown & Anchor pin? WHY?   
    I hear everyone wears their pins on the nudist cruises
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    Kirsten reacted to Snowchaser in 4th Aug Oasis of the Seas, 9 night Eastern Caribbean cruise out of New York   
    I'm sure I'm not alone but we have always taken our kids out of school for family vacations.  We feel that as long as long as they maintain strong grades that family time along with different cultural experience is just as much importance as time in school.  We will actually be on Oasis next August and it will be one of the first cruises we've taken in a long time that school will be out for summer break.
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    Kirsten reacted to Psycho and Barb in Bad Experience on Adventure   
    We sometimes wonder...If this was posted by a real cruiser or someone just wanting to slam a cruise line or ship...Their only post and why post something like this and not come back to answer any questions?  
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    Kirsten reacted to memebag in Bad Experience on Adventure   
    I'm sailing on Adventure in 56 days. If the worst that happens is a stray shrimp tail, moldy display food, and staff who don't seem phased by that, I'm OK.
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    Kirsten reacted to wstephensi in Bad Experience on Adventure   
    I respect that people may have the "worst cruise" ever, but what thing or things made it so.
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    Kirsten reacted to Jerseygirl98 in Bad Experience on Adventure   
    I find it disheartening that people are able to find these sites to complain about their cruise but they can’t find them before they cruise to research and find information that would help them enjoy their cruise. 
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    Kirsten reacted to D Alt in Cheated by Royal Caribbean.....   
    In defense of those who don't always use a TA and go directly through RC...I have never had an issue with customer service and fixing issues. I've either received a refund or got a good resolution to my problem. 
    I've found the online prices can be good with certain discounts and promos and sometimes the agent on the phone doesn't align with what you found. 
    I would fight with the credit card company if they did not honor the promotion but like someone else said, always read the fine print on these things. 
    But if you're canceling everything then I guess good luck to you. 
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    Kirsten reacted to Ampurp85 in Pinnacle with minor children   
    Yes, anyone who is staying in a suite has access to the suite amenities. The only way the children would receive your pinnacle status though would be if they were listed in relation to you, but CK and all of that stuff will be available to them. 
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    Kirsten reacted to deep1 in Gratuities are going up.   
    Per the companies that find employees for the lines like Indeed  or Zip Recruiter... Pay offered is 50,000 Philipine Pesos a month.  50,000 PHP per month works out to be roughly $900 a month for near 100 hour weeks (5000 hours per year, not 2000. ) or maybe $2.25 an hour.  Not sure where the $16 per hour stuff came from and no $32k is not near the norm. Maybe for an officer or director but general staff? Not even close. 
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    Kirsten got a reaction from BrianB in Four Negative Test Results   
    Congrats!  We are heading to Bermuda on Saturday and the 4 of us tested negative this morning, so I totally get it!
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    Kirsten got a reaction from Kathleen in Four Negative Test Results   
    Congrats!  We are heading to Bermuda on Saturday and the 4 of us tested negative this morning, so I totally get it!
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    Kirsten got a reaction from WAAAYTOOO in Four Negative Test Results   
    Congrats!  We are heading to Bermuda on Saturday and the 4 of us tested negative this morning, so I totally get it!
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