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    ADK got a reaction from mojodisney in Watching movies onboard   
    I was on Hamrony last month and they showed movies in an indoor theater (I remember "Star Wars Last Jedi") as well as  outdoor/Aqua theater (BlackPanther was one being shown.) The times never seemed to work for us (although my 11 yr.old caught Star Wars.) Voom's connection was not reliable for us. We often had interruptions, loss of service, and buffering. Still glad I got it and we made it through Season 1 of a show but we're used to bad, rural internet. I'm sure those used to good internet would have given up!
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    ADK got a reaction from Diane.M in Cheesecake question   
    On Harmony they offered different cheesecakes in different places. Your SIL may need to try a couple to find one that suits her. My husband didn't care for the one served in the MDR (I think strawberry topped) and one of the chocolate ones at WJ. He likes dense cheesecake and these were lighter, fluffier. However, he tried one at either Cafe Promenade or Park Cafe that he said was pretty good. Have to admit, he's a cheesecake snob.
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    ADK got a reaction from WAAAYTOOO in Stay in touch with other guests   
    We just returned from our cruise. We were a group of 10 and found it impossible to stick to a schedule. There are not a lot of clocks onboard, people aren't wearing watches (due to water), kids are running around, you lose all sense of time really, lol. I was the only one who purchased VOOM so couldn't use internet texting with them. Those who thought their cell carrier would have a signal ended up with no signal. A few of us purchased Royal IQ. It's very basic but good enough to ask "where are you?" and get a reply. Biggest problem was no one was checking their phone!
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    ADK got a reaction from WAAAYTOOO in RC Phones/Customer Support   
    Well, after holding for 23 minutes (and no one answering) the online check-in gods let me into my account. So, crisis averted, I guess.
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    ADK reacted to cruiselife in Fort Lauderdale Airport Transportation   
    If you are worried about the luggage you can use Uber XL and it will be a larger vehicle that will fit the luggage no problem. It is slightly more expensive though.
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    ADK reacted to Pooch in Need advice about packing a suit and having it pressed onboard   
    I have a small spray bottle that goes into my 3-1-1 bag (you are flying are you not?) that I fill from the big bottle.  It holds enough for more than a week for us.
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    ADK reacted to tiny260 in Need advice about packing a suit and having it pressed onboard   
    One of the packing hacks I've always used is to pack your suit in a bag it might come from the cleaners in, I have even gone to my local cleaners and asked for extra bags, I put the coat in one bag and the pants in another bag and then just folded them and pressed them out on the very top layer of the suite case.
    Somehow or another the plastic bag helps keep most of the wrinkles out.
    I know this might not help in your case, but I'm like @Digmenow my suite case has a built in garment hanger in the cover, so I put my hanging stuff in the lid (With the plastic sack).
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    ADK reacted to JLMoran in Which nights are formal on Harmony?   
    @ADK, that’s correct about the complimentary venues. Many who don’t want to dress up on their cruise just plan on going to the Windjammer those nights.
    Specialty dining venues, however, follow the main dining room’s stated dress level for each evening. So if you have a reservation at Giovanni’s Table and it’s formal night, you’ll still be dressing up.
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    ADK reacted to mom2mybugs in Which nights are formal on Harmony?   
    We found on the week we were on freedom that it was pretty dress casual on the formal nights in both sabor and chops.  Jane 
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    ADK reacted to Matt in Which nights are formal on Harmony?   
    Correct. Formal night and any other dress code printed in the Cruise Compass applies only to the main dining room for dinner.  
    Specialty restaurants have their own dress codes that supercede the MDR dress code.  
    Casual restaurants, like the Windjammer or Cafe Promenade have a very basic dress code that mostly consists of shirts, shoes and pants required and you cannot be dripping wet from the pool.
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    ADK reacted to Lovetocruise2002 in First Day Meal on Harmony   
    Park Cafe has quite a bit of seating inside.  Solarium Bistro is another one that most people don't run to on embarkation day.
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    ADK reacted to DunkelBierJay in First Day Meal on Harmony   
    The Royal App will show what restaurants are open on embarkation day. You can also check out a cruise compass here, https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/cruise-compass
    First thoughts are Jamie's Italian and Park Cafe.
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    ADK reacted to Lovetocruise2002 in Fort Lauderdale Airport Transportation   
    What hotel are you at?  I would either take a cab or uber/lyft.  Most of the FLL hotels are so close by.
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    ADK reacted to Lovetocruise2002 in Fort Lauderdale Airport Transportation   
    If you can use Uber or Lyft, I would suggest that.  I have not had good experiences with cabs at FLL airport.  Most of them don't seem to want to take you such a short distance.  When we travel with our kids and used Lyft, we just got a Lyft Plus and there was plenty of space for us and luggage.  But yes, there are lots of cabs out there if you choose to do that.
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    ADK reacted to Traveler in Fort Lauderdale Airport Transportation   
    On Dec I took a cab from FLL airport to the cruise terminal , it was just me and the backpack (I drop my spouse before with the suitcases) somehow he charged me 20 $ , so yes , its better to take Uber which they can not play with the price. 
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    ADK reacted to Lovetocruise2002 in Fort Lauderdale Airport Transportation   
    Totally agree.  The cabs drivers at FLL always seem "shifty" to me.  The last time we were there in August, two of them stood there arguing because neither one wanted to take us (we were staying at the Renaissance so probably not worth their time).  Then another person in charge of the cab line told the one driver to take us and he disappeared into the terminal for over 5 minutes.  We were just left standing there.  When the person who was in charge asked us why we were still there we told them the driver had disappeared, she marched in, found him, and they both came out yelling at each other about how it wasn't his turn to take the next person.  Then he got into his car and didn't even bother asking if we needed help with our luggage, which we didn't but still...very awkward...Needless to say, we were not impressed at all.
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    ADK reacted to JLMoran in vine on board   
    Clarification on the corkage fee. No fee if you just drink it in your room (and you can ask your stateroom attendant for wine glasses with no charge). If you want to bring the bottle to the MDR or another restaurant to drink with your meal, then there is a $7.95(?) corkage fee. If you do the latter, you can ask the waiter to store your bottle if it’s not empty at the end of the meal, and then request it from any restaurant on the ship when you want it again. Just tell them your cabin number, and they’ll find it pronto.
    Yup, you can drink it anywhere. Pour a glass in your cabin and walk out to the helipad or solarium, or go to Vintages and make the staff wonder where you got that glass of tasty-looking red from. 😉
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    ADK reacted to Snowchaser in Question about “extra” tips   
    Hi All, I just created an account to add a little bit to the topic.
    My family and I just returned from a cruise on the Jewel of the Seas.  While talking to a member of the staff (someone who would receive tips) about extra tipping and such, this person stated that they were less concerned about an additional tip and emphasized that they much prefer that we give highest marks on the customer survey post cruise.  They stated that the survey provides  a ranking based on feedback as to the number of guests that they will tend too.  So for instance an assistant waiter in the main dining room who has higher customer satisfaction will get more tables/guests which equals more pay.  Now they did not say that tips are pooled and I didn't think of it at the time but this persons comments would lead me to believe that they are pooled and people in customer service are vying for bigger pieces of the pie.  
    Purposely not stating which staff member due to repercussions they could face if for some reason they could be tracked down.
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    ADK reacted to coneyraven in Question about “extra” tips   
    It makes especially "wrong" if the general public giving the extra gratuity isn't aware of this -- Deceiving is the word that comes to mind.
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    ADK reacted to whitsmom in Harmony - magnetic hooks, mini-fridges, doctors and more   
    On the Oasis last summer the fridge was empty. However, it doesn't get very cold at all.  Only cool-ish.
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    ADK reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Harmony - magnetic hooks, mini-fridges, doctors and more   
    Royal has stopped stocking the fridges beforehand b/c there were so many erroneous charges for fridge items.  The fridge SHOULD be empty when you get there.  If you want anything for the fridge, you can order it once onboard for a fee.  
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    ADK reacted to Kurtp13 in Fort Lauderdale Disembarkation Transportation   
    From my trip report:
    o    Tried to use Lyft for a ride to car rental area at the FLL airport.  My phone data service was terrible and it appeared others were having the same problem.  I set up a ride, hit enter and the signal crashed requiring me to try again.  The cars that were picking people up were not marked and that caused people to step out into the traffic lane and turn around. My brother in law does this on the side and he has stickers on his car so it can be identified easily.  Cost would have been somewhere between $8 -$10.    After some attempts my wife finally said let’s get a cab.   Good call.  The trip was $12 and we just jumped into a readily available cab.   Saving a few bucks wasn’t worth the aggravation we were having for such a short ride.     
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    ADK reacted to whitsmom in Harmony - magnetic hooks, mini-fridges, doctors and more   
    I have asthma and I can go into bronchitis easily so my doctor will usually give me Rx before I leave if I am experiencing symptoms.  I take several different OTC meds also just in case (Tylenol, sinus, tummy, Bonine, and etc) so that I won't have to buy it on the ship.  I would rather have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. 
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    ADK reacted to Rose City Cruiser in Harmony - magnetic hooks, mini-fridges, doctors and more   
    I recommend they get all their medications stocked up prior to boarding the ship.  Keep in mind since the traveler experienced symptoms prior to the trip, medical treatment on the ship may not be covered by their medical insurance provider.  The traveler should contact their insurance company to confirm what will not be covered.
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    ADK reacted to Lovetocruise2002 in Harmony - magnetic hooks, mini-fridges, doctors and more   
    Doctor on board is really expensive. On a recent family cruise, my dad ended up in the clinic. Few tests later and no meds, it was $800+!
    Luckily, insurance and OHIP (from Ontario) covered everything but like others have said, get all that stuff in order before you go.
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