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  1. The Aug 23 sailing??? I’m on that one as well ?
  2. I did try on my former cruise. I watched Moana at the Aqua Theatre about 3pm one day and OY was it hot. Then watched Fantastic Beasts late one evening and about froze. Haha. I sound pathetic?. I’m gonna try again in August to prove I’m not as old as I’m acting.
  3. I’ve been catching up on the podcast and heard you mention. I’m certainly intrigued! A cruise on New Years sounds incredibly fun! Definitely would need the drink package on that one!?
  4. Awesome! Thank you for all your responses! I’ll have to check the Royal Theater out. I’m learning...very slowly. ?
  5. Hi! I’m new to the boards and fairly new to RCCL. I took my first RCCL cruise last May on Oasis. I really enjoyed it too!! Having been on oodles of DCL cruises, I did find a few differences that I didn’t think would bother me, but I think I could reconcile for the future. I’m sailing on Anthem for the Canada/ New England cruise on Aug 23. On my last cruise, I found that some nights I wanted to just chill and watch a movie. Unlike DCL where there is a theatre, I found movies on Oasis were shown outside at the Aqua Theatre. I found that very uncomfortable and extremely hard to hear. (Geez, I’m getting old. Lol). Am I missing other options? If not, do any of you bring movies to watch or just stream off Netflix?
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