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  2. Check this link out: https://swappa.com/cameras. I've purchased a couple of smart phones for my wife and I. Very reputable website, great place to sell phones, cameras, etc.
  3. I'm not going to admit how much time I've spent on these message boards since booking my cruise and that's another place I haven't looked: EVENTS! thanks!
  4. We went in mid July. I only wore long pants to the MDR, a rainy day in Juneau and what watching in Icy Strait. Never unpacked my flannel shirt.
  5. Go to the very top of this page, look under events, those are the official, anything else is well, unofficial.
  6. The Pub Crawl Poker Run is a great idea and looks like a blast! How does one get in on a RCBlog GC? I noticed a couple (official and unofficial) listed in the Master List.
  7. I had that with the Cauliflower Fried Rice from the Night 7 menu. The grilled the chicken with shrimp and tossed it into the rice. It was one of the best meals of the cruise!
  8. Contact Royal's special needs team to see if they can accommodate you: Call our Access Department at (866) 592-7225, or send an e-mail to special_needs@rccl.com Anecdotally I used to work with the "special needs" team at a major amusement park a decade ago. We didn't allow Segway for years until one guest pushed us and we finally allowed it after he showed us how he could be safe in a crowded park. He was really cool but he was also the only person to ever ask to use one while I worked there.
  9. You're amazing.. If I'm browsing through and see you've posted something it's a must view item.. Always positive.. Always beautiful pictures.. We're very fortunate you're a part of this group. Thanks for your amazing talents and reviews. My first Royal cruise was on the Monarch,Majesty's sister ship, for my honeymoon.. still love the old Viking Crown Lounge of the old style.. when everyone else would head for the Windjammer my wife and I headed there. We sailed on the Majesty a year after honeymoon.. maybe the wife and I will again.
  10. Another dish I really enjoyed was the chicken (I think broiled) on the classics menu in CK. One evening, I wasn't excited about any of the specials, so I tried it. It was really good and much lighter than a lot of other options. It was served on a bed of zucchini, squash and peppers with a light basting sauce.
  11. Just for clarification, this is NOT a hover-board. It is a Segway. But a MINI Segway. It’s electronic, how it’s used, history and safety do not compare. Is has a lot of the electronics that an electric wheel chair has. With the exception of its added gyro technology. I’m not wanting to ride it on the ship. But in the ports.. but like one comment said.. while one person will be perfectly fine with it, I find some rather stubborn know-it-all’s that will not budge and say it’s not aloud. Oh well, maybe some day soon, this may be more understood and eventually appreciated.
  12. So on anthem, if you have a refreshment or deluxe drink package, you can just get a milkshake without having to dine at additional cost?
  13. Yesterday was our first port day. We chose to take a taxi to Mullet Bay Beach. I was going to go to the beach at Holland House, but after hearing talk of the water there failing toxicity tests I didn’t want to chance it. Mullet Bay Beach was absolutely gorgeous. The color of the water there is something out of an advertisement. We ate at Rosie’s snack shack there. Two chicken and rice platters, an order of fries, a beer and a soda cane to $24. Some catamarans came and anchored for about 30-45 minutes. We scored free rum punch from their staff because their people weren’t swimming out to where the cooler was. That was a win!! We snorkeled and saw a few different kind of fish and some crabs. We have only had one other ship docked with it’s there...MSC Seaside.
  14. Another thing to note that once you do get your cabin number-which is very up in the air when that happens such as some get it very close to their cruise or I got our FOTS assignment already for Jan 5 2020 cruise-you can (if there is availability) ask to switch to a different cabin in the same class per some advice I had seen here. We think we will enjoy where we ended up but wanted to pass that along.
  15. It will take them 10 days at most to get to Cadiz.
  16. But if you are on a B2B or a longer cruise it makes a lot of sense a savings of $200+.
  17. Our door decorations and a gorgeous sunset and rare full family pic...
  18. So....we went to see the show in the aqua theater and I ordered myself a pina colada. There was a broken chair next to me that everyone kept trying to sit in. My husband and I had to keep telling people it’s broken. An elderly gentleman came and my husband was trying to tell him it was broken and the gentleman couldn’t hear so hubs starts using hand motions and whooooosh...there goes my nice, new and very cold pina colada all over my lap. I had just enough time to race back to the room, quick change and brought a towel back with me to sit on because my seat is now also full of pina colada, but there was nowhere else to sit because it was a full show. What an amazing show!!!!!! The way they manipulate the pool to have water, not have water, etc.....just amazing!!!! To pay back hubs for spilling my drink, I lied and told the “bearded lady” it was his birthday. The pics are blurry, but it was so worth it! 😂🤣😂
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  20. https://www.amazon.com/Cruise-Organizer-Holder-Retardant-Pocket/dp/B01HH6NLQ4/ref=sr_1_6?keywords=cruise+door+organizer&qid=1566495511&s=gateway&sr=8-6 This is the one I have used for years. I cost a bit more; however, it is mesh and easy to pack and store. It is the first item that I pack!
  21. Yes! I had to watch for work recently and I still loved it. My younger coworkers were a little confused.
  22. It has been a long time since I booked a #GTY but I recall they will email you in advance. That email will likely be close to the cruise as they will continue to try and maximize their bookings. I recall I was actually upgraded once a few cruises back and I was notified a few days before and had to reprint my luggage tags. That was a hard thing to do :-) Good luck and enjoy! D
  23. I also love the little hidden treasures throughout the ship. If you look down into the telescopes you find scenes such as this:
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