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  2. Midori Collins is another tasty, fairly sweet option!
  3. If you are very particular about your drinks I’d imagine the deluxe package could be really good for you as it would let you not feel guilty about not finishing a new drink you try if you don’t like it. As for fruity drinks that was my poison back when I drank and I was always partial to tequila sunrises (tequila, OJ & grenadine), daiquiris, margaritas, and there also lots of delicious and fruity martinis. I’d really recommend looking at the menus at the various bars. They have some interesting and yummy looking drink options outside of the staples.
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  5. Does anyone know if Amplified ships tend to get other cabin upgrades? As far as I know, the only cabin upgrade that Amplified (or Amped?) ships have received is an electric kettle.
  6. I'd LOVE to do this. The cruise I can afford. I can probably get the time off from work. But the flight! Oh my! Long and expensive!
  7. That's why I don't expect it. Putting it on new builds is a no brainer. Retrofitting and spending $$$$$ for zero new revenue? I don't think so. The tablets at Bionic could easily be fitted with swipe readers, or so I imagine.
  8. @JRA Here is the link to Anthem deck plans. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/anthem-of-the-seas/deck-plans/1876/03 You can change the deck you are viewing by using the pull down menu on the upper right arrow. MDR is not really the official room name, maybe Silk or Grande would show up.
  9. We're celebrating our 20th anniversary on our February cruise and I'm ordering a personalized cruise magnet and a personalized set of pillow cases from etsy for our cabin. I figured we can keep the magnet on our fridge at home after the cruise and we can keep on using the pillow cases too.
  10. Like @Hoski said, utilizing Royal's drop off service will probably be your easiest solution. Since you planned on coming back to the port to retrieve your luggage, you could try https://bagstogo.net/baggage-storage/
  11. Pina colada made with Amaretto instead of rum
  12. That was sort of going to be my plan of action.....glad to hear that it should work. Thanks for the input.
  13. I have been booking online through CruisesOnly.com. I have never had a problem and never had to talk to anyone on the phone. Within hours my booking appears on my RC Cruise Planner and I can start planning excursions, dining, etc., etc. Easy and painless.
  14. No, we didn't specifically seek them out. We just instructed the kids that any time they posed for a picture, they were asked for their cabin number, they gave them ours. This helped to get the photos directed to the correct portfolio. Even on Cococay, there were many photographers taking pictures, so got many of the kids' pictures as they came off the of the various water slides. During the formal night picture shots, we were easily able to get 8-10 pictures per "background" doing various poses and combinations (kids only; parents only; full family; etc), so they added up fairly quickly. They even took 4 shots of our embarkation photo in various poses (standing only; waving; etc).
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  16. Did you have to strategically seek out photographers to get that amount of shots? Also, as far as your kids were concerned, were they photographed while out doing there own thing away from you?
  17. And it's yummy! Or it was on NOTS last week at least. I enjoyed the pork, the quessadia and the chips. Guac is a little thin but quite good mixed with scallion sour cream.
  18. Thank you! I wonder if this was named after Prince lol
  19. My wife likes Purple Rain. THE PURPLE RAIN COCKTAIL1 1/2 oz. Vodka. 3 oz. Lemonade. 1/2 oz. Blue Curaçao. 1/4 oz. Grenadine
  20. Disaronno (amaretto) and Dr. Pepper. Bacardi Dragonberry and Sprite (you can throw a little grenadine in as well). First one is my favorite drink and the other was my go to pour when someone asked for something fruity when I was a bartender.
  21. On my recent Harmony cruise, I purchased the "All digital Photos" package for $249 pre-cruise. I saw this also advertised "on sale" on the ship for $299, so purchasing it pre-cruise was definitely far cheaper. Had two other rooms (with minors) linked to our cabin, and got over 150 pictures. I reviewed our pictures at a kiosk on the ship a couple of times. I noticed we were missing pictures (our embarkation group photo, and some specific formal night pictures), and just spoke to a representative in the kiosk area. I gave the approximate date of time of both photo sets were we missing, and they had were able to add them to my portfolio by the next day. This worked out very easily. With the facial recognition, it most certainly isn't perfect. There was another family on board that must have had similar "digital signatures" to us, as there were about 25 or so pictures from them that I had removed from our portfolio. Again, it was easy removing them. Got a link about 3 days after the cruise, and was able to easily download all the pictures in one ZIP file. Overall, we were very happy with the digital photo package.
  22. Well, at least Madison already had “health” class so you didn’t have to explain anything. 😅
  23. I like Malibu and pineapple juice, coconut mojito, pina colda, Linderman Moscota wine in the dining room, and mango or strawberry daiquiri.
  24. There is baggage storage found here: http://www.miami-airport.com/baggage_storage.asp We came into Port Everglades and flew out of Fort Lauderdale in April, FLL when I checked they would only hold your bags for a short time (less hours that we needed), so we rented a car and did the Everglades tour with the luggage in a rental car.
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