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  2. My husband and I are loyal Royal fans and returned from our third Royal cruise on Monday. While we had a great time, there were some things that disappointed us. I'm curious if anyone has noticed a difference in the quality of service on shorter cruises vs. longer itineraries. For example, we had My Time Dining on this cruise vs. traditional seating on previous 6-and-7 night cruises. On the first night in the MDR, we arrived at about 8:45. When we were seated, the waiter immediately told us we needed to eat quickly since it was late (My Time Dining seats until 9:00 AND the dining room was still quite full of people being seated and ordering). They brought every course before we had completed the previous course and generally rushed us through our meals so quickly that we didn't have time to finish a cocktail and order a glass of wine with our entrees before dessert had arrived. The service was brusque, if not outright rude, and the entire meal was finished in probably less than 45 minutes. The second evening was fine, but on the third evening, we arrived before 8:30 PM. We were seated for 20 minutes before we were even acknowledged by the assistant waiter, who explained that the waiter was busy, so he would be the one primarily helping us. He took a drink order, and we sat another 25 minutes before our drinks arrived and he took our food orders. Service improved after that, but it was a disappointing start. Is it possible that service is not as good with My Time Dining because you don't have the same waitstaff every night and they don't feel as accountable? I also noticed that with the production show, "Gallery of Dreams," the sets and costumes were excellent, but the actual performances were not nearly as good as on our previous cruises. I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar less-than-great experience on the shorter cruises. We're booked again on Rhapsody for Thanksgiving, and have signed up for My Time Dining. While it's nice to have the flexibility, I wonder if we should switch to traditional dining in order to have better service.
  3. Hello! I finally got hubby to agree to upgrade to a Grand Suite and I am pumped!! First cruise out of the interior (never going back). We have 2 family members traveling along in a Junior Suite. I know that they will not have lounge access, but during happy hour would it be allowed (for the 2 in GS) go into lounge to get a drink and then meet up (with 2 in JS) in Olive or Twist, or Viking Crown Lounge? I read conflicting posts about drinks being allowed to be taken out of lounge. Also, is bottled water or soda provided in lounge (without any type of drink package), if yes, is it only available during happy hour? I personally couldn't justify a drink package, when the JS to GS was less money compared to 2 people DX package at 30% off, and we were planning at Day Pass at Cozumel. Thanks in advance!! Also, we are lonely Gold Tier, so no Diamond perks for us.
  4. Has anyone purchased The Key Program, and if so is it worth it?!
  5. @twangster loved reading this review. We are booked on the Serenade this summer and I was looking for a blog to get an idea of what to expect. Since Serenade is new to Alaska, I figured a review of her sister ship would be next best to get an idea of what to expect! Really enjoyed reading it and felt like we were right there with you. Even more excited now!
  6. Not yet, but we might! Also considering (GASP) another line. Virgin is debuting their adults only maiden ship in Miami and Mark Ronson is on deck that week. It's still $$$ but something brand new!
  7. Good point. It's a 5 night and about the same price as the 7 night on Oasis, but later in July than I want to go. Right now I'm aiming at the week of July 4th through 11th. My birthday is that Wednesday the 8th.
  8. Thank you to everyone for this information. I will be traveling with my children, one of which has ADHD behaviors and has a wonderful ability to irritate people due to his lack of understanding personal space. It looks like MTD will be perfect for us.
  9. Being on a cruise for Independence Day is always so much fun! That week will typically be more expensive but worth it!
  10. I would suggest Adventure of the Seas since it stops in Bermuda and still is a major upgrade from the Empress and Grandeur.
  11. I have found that this is not the case. I bought the drink package for my upcoming 5 night on Enchantment on Black Friday ($57), and it was way more than the regular sales for my 7 night on Liberty this past September ($47).
  12. We actually visited the monkey/sloth hangout on our Roatan tour that we took instead of the Mayan Princess group excursion on the last Thanksgiving group cruise. It was definitely a highlight. We used a private tour guide but @CGTLH would have all the details on who exactly we used. We ended up going all over Roatan and could have customized the day however we wanted.
  13. The problem that I have found with with Cozumel restaurants is on one visit they can be really great. The next time I visit not so much.
  14. I was so excited to see you mentioned the Salsa, Salsa and Margaritas excursion and booked it. We have cruised a number of times, but this remains one of our favorite excursions. We still use the recipes to make salsa and guacamole we were taught and received that day. We've have been on other cruises and always looked to see if it was offered elsewhere outside of Cozumel. Have fun. I will envy you from afar.
  15. You are absolutely correct about the SCANNING PASSPORT vs typing it in. I was not labelled as expedited so i just did the passport scan (in the Royal App) and immediately after pressing continue it now shows EXPEDITED arrival. Not sure its a big deal but its great to know now.
  16. Was looking through some of the options and curious what the soda package was. $28 for 12 - 12oz Cokes?! ☠️
  17. I have an upcoming escape room booked on Mariner for a price of 19.99 USD
  18. I suppose it’s possible for the UDP to sell out but I haven’t seen that happen before. I’m not sure how it would “look” in the Cruise Planner.
  19. I have been looking for a 2021 sailing for the fall/winter months but unfortunately RCL has raised the price so much that I am no longer able to afford two sailings a year. With one already booked for April 2021 and prices going through the roof I will have to wait for 2022 to come around now. It is a shame that I want to give my money to RCL but they see that more people are willing to pay the higher books so that just leaves me SOL.
  20. It definitely seems at least partly tied to passport. I had expedited on my pass but my wife didn't. My info was from scanned passport, her's hand-typed by me. I went in a few weeks later and scanned her passport, then checked her pass after which immediately showed "Expedited"! Kinda interesting..
  21. Well i am confused then. Wonder if its like the TSA pre a few years ago, random selection if criteria is met.
  22. If the unlimited dining is sold out, does it typically get the sold out "treatment" like other items do in the cruise planner? I ask because as of last week or so, the option is just... gone. No rhyme or reason, just gone!
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