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  2. Thank for the useful information! I'll try to reach them. Wish everyone a safe and relaxing weekend!
  3. Getting late. Almost time for... ...a hot tub before bed. There's nothing like a relaxing sea day before a port call the next day.
  4. Later in the Promenade was the two for $20 sale... Oops. Wrong slide. It's 70's night in the Promenade!
  5. How about some mini-golf? You don't see too many two level mini-golf courses at sea.
  6. Day Six I've landed back on Adventure of the Seas in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in between ports. I need a sea day to slow down and relax so this is perfect. Let's take a look around the ship while we wait for our next port.
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  8. Michael Bayley is CEO of Royal Caribbean International (a single cruise line). Richard Fain is the Chairman (or maybe CEO or both, doesn't really matter) of the parent company Royal Caribbean Group (which owns several cruise lines).
  9. Ok, so I'm confused. I thought Richard D Fain was CEO? Now I see this person named, Michael Bayley? Did Fain get the axe or something?
  10. When I did L&S they mandated that it be out of the same port. Mind you there was a sailing out of that port at the time.
  11. @B&S Liberty was supposed to be amped, Galveston terminal expanded, and Allure was moving there. Since COVID 19 happened all that was scrapped. RCG also had a snafu where those on the oasis class Allure, were moved to Liberty with no regard to their initial bookings. There are a couple of threads that deal with the whole thing.
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  13. yes I really prefer to go out of Puerto Rico. I dont like the extra 2 days of crusing. I like a schedule of wake up eat and go, get back late, eat sleep, repeat. but so far I'm not seeing anything
  14. I had Lamb Shank for the first time ever on Vision last fall. I'm pretty unimaginative when it comes to eating, so I asked our waiter to choose something for me, and he recommended it. I'm glad he did because it was awesome. He brought another out for me without even asking because I ate the first one so quickly. 🙂 As a butcher for 30+ years, I've sold a ton of lamb shanks but never thought about eating one before this.
  15. This. There is a chance cruising might resume before a vaccine but it's not looking good.
  16. Waivers are there as a formality but generally if one is intent on pursuing something there's always a way of doing so. Even locally at one of our gyms despite signing a waiver, a person who knowingly got injured pursued litigation and there was even an article about it as well so it become a semi-media event over personal injury. Waivers or not, if there's a will, there's a way.
  17. I think having people sign wavers and having approved protocols (CDC sign off needed) would help mitigate litigation risk. I know that cruises have the issues of port admission, but I truly believe that planes and restaurants have risks that are not hunted down like they are against cruise lines. I just hope we can see this whole crisis in the rear view mirror soon.
  18. Love, love, love playing the slots...could play for hours (as long as there are drinks available). But HATE the smoke in the casino. Certainly hope the cruise lines take this health concern into major consideration, or may have to switch to Celebrity, even though Diamond and Prime on RCL.
  19. So sorry you caught the brunt of Isaias' wrath! I do hope you get back to normal soon...just wanted to extend my well wishes.
  20. What Liberty fiasco are you referring to? Being in Texas, always interested in references to the Liberty.
  21. Not twisted out of shape about it. Just another glitch I’m hoping isn’t part of more systematic issues.
  22. Both ways. Shows the info sitting in there but not really checked in. Added card to charge, checked the agreement boxes. The app says “snag” the on line doesn’t say anything. Just not locked in. I’m in Jersey with destroyed house no electric and weak cell service to retry .
  23. Well I certainly hope so!! My sailing is April 19, 2021 so fingers crossed!!! 🤞
  24. Congratulations in advance ! What a great milestone !
  25. Hi @harlipac. Welcome to the RC Blog Forums. I have a Nov 1st Harmony cruise scheduled where final payment was Aug 3rd, so I understand RCL wants you to make a decision on your cruise. I am not sure why you are against a FCC or L&S. If your deposit is indeed only $100 you are lucky. You can keep trying to get your money back, and hope in the meantime the cruise is cancelled by RCL. If you think you are in jeopardy of losing out on your $100 then why not use FCC or L&S to push out your options? SInce you are D+ I would guess you have a lot of experience in dealing with TAs and RCL. Maybe by the time you need to use the FCC or L&S the world with be different and you will be in a better position to take advance of those options. FYI, I was on last Anthem sailing before the shutdown and now may be on one of the first cruises post-shutdown - feels pretty weird. Anyway, no matter what my next cruise gets me to D+ which I am looking forward to. I just hope I get to cruise again...
  26. I don't think you'll be sailing in November so I would personally just wait it out. If you are uncomfortable with that eat the $100
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