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Serenade of the Seas - 11-Night Southern Caribbean - November 19-30, 2018

PG Cruiser

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Just now, NS8VN said:

Kilo is the RCCL version of General Quarters.  It's to get crew to emergency stations.

Hopefully it is a drill, or that someone was just smoking in their room and set off their smoke detector.

Stay safe, and keep us informed when you can.  At least you get another story to share from your trip ?

My adrenaline supply was depleted with the volcano hike yesterday, I hope my body produces more if this turns out to be a real emergency. ?

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Happy belated birthday, PG !!  Dan and I were tricked by a general Kilo drill once.  We did not hear the prior announcement to let everyone know that it was a drill so when the alert went off, we scurried out of our cabin.  It was too funny when we saw everyone casually seated at the Next Cruise desk.  We felt pretty silly.

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I was told I could see the Pitons on St Lucia at the port side so I went there at sail away.


I was just by myself at first but an announcement was given about two humpback whales sighted a few miles away.  The port side was filled up with people.


Oooops! No humpbacks... so I just took a picture of the sunset.


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“Minute to Win It” was one of my favorite game shows.  So when I found out the Serenade had a version of it called “In 60 Seconds or Less”, I made sure I took part in it.  

They needed two volunteers for the first game so I was was quick to raise my hand to play.  At almost the same time as I did, two kids volunteered too.  I almost backed out to let them play but the game master did not want then playing against each other.  So there I was, lined up against an 11 year old kid. (I felt like a big bully)

The game was knocking cups off a table in 60 seconds or less with air from a balloon we’d inflated.

I was first to play. I managed to knock off 4 of 8 balloons before the time was up.

The boy was down to five cups at about 30-40 seconds on the clock. (I was thinking, “He’s not gonna do it... I don’t want a rematch... I’m gonna win—yeah!!!(with matching fist pump in my mind)”.  But he knocks off one more cup before his time was up.

No rematch ... it was declared a tie!

Here’s the funny thing... it turned out the boy was @bcarney‘s son.

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