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Liveish Oasis of the Seas Thanksgiving Cruise


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Overall summary:

This was a fantastic cruise and we really enjoyed all the choices offered on the Oasis class!  We tend to like the smaller ships too, and really like to connect with the sea, but I still felt I did that on Oasis.  Usually, I make more relationships with the staff.  Some of this was probably different this time based on the fact that we spent more time in the Diamond lounge and were not at the other bars as much since we did not have a drink package.  I loved the diving show.  It is one of my all time favorites!  

My next cruise is on Celebrity Sihlouette at the end of April to the Norwegian Fjords.  We got to see her in St. Maarten and there were some people on our tour who were on it and were really enjoying it.  

Not sure I mentioned the wifi,  ended up buying surf and stream Thursday with the mid week discount for the last 3 days of the cruise.  The mid week discount was $54, but I was able to get it for $24 with my diamond discount.  This saved me 75% vs. me having it the whole cruise with the pre-cruise rate.  I also reflected on the fact, that I enjoyed being disconected the first few days of the cruise, and I was able to get cell service on wednesday in St. Thomas. 

Debarkation was super smooth process on sunday!  We had an early flight at 11:15 out of Orlando with a 10:30 boarding time so we opted to do self assist.   We could get off anytime between 6:45 and 7:30.  We took our time getting up, and ended up departing the ship about 7:15.  There were no lines and we walked smoothly off the boat and through customs.  We ended up catching a lyft to the airport, but they offer a new  smaller shuttle now for $25 per person as soon as you exit the ship and it loaded very quickly.  In fact, 2 shuttles loaded and left while we were still waiting for our lyft.  We had no problems getting to the airport and were through security at MCO by 8:30am.  I was suprised it was not more crowded for the sunday after Thanksgiving, unless most of the crowds were leaving later in the day.  

Now have 150 days until my next cruise, although it looks like we are going to be able to do the first 3 days of the group cruise on Mariner in March!  

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