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Independence 5 night Western Caribbean 11/17-11/22

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While MTD is a corporate feature, individual ships implement it differently.  The restaurant manager has a lot of leeway to implement seating at his or her discretion.  It sounds like this manager is new and lacks experience.  Suggest you mention it in the survey, it will get back to him/her.

On 5 night cruises theater entertainment is tricky because the theater is multi-use and they have to clear the set for Grease and store it away securely.    It's some effort to remove it all from it's storage position (kept secure in case of ship movement) and prepare for the show.  On longer cruises they have the luxury of leaving the set pieces secured to the floor in between performances one night to the next.  On short cruises they have to re-store it in it's storage position so other theater events can occur.  This results in only one showing on short cruises.  I've taken a number of backstage tours on various ships and it quite interesting the amount of work and planning that goes into theater event scheduling.

On other ships the pool bar has a water dispenser and glasses piled up.  Sounds like that missing on Indy.  Another mistake by the bar manager.  

I sailed Adventure twice since her refit in 2018 including the 13 night snowbird migration.  MTD was very efficient.  

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2 hours ago, melski94 said:

I think this comes from RC’s desire to try to keep you at the same table with the same wait staff (IMO it comes down to potential extra tips).

I concur with @twangster regarding this.  When I have had MTD the emphasis was always on seating you as quickly as possible.  I usually ask for the same table when we like the waiter and the Maitre D' would radio in to find out if and when it would be available.  We would then have the option of waiting or choosing another table.  Often they would find a different table with the same waiter.

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10 hours ago, melski94 said:

I think I will look at Oasis or Harmony for Spring Break 2020.

Look at Oasis.  The prices are decent right now.  I would not wait too long as I suspect prices will rise as soon as they release the Oasis Amped details.

Thanks for taking the time to blog Mel!  As Oasis class fans, we found Mariner to be decent for a short cruise.  Hopefully Adventure will be the same for you.

One last question, Indy...freshwater or saltwater pools?

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On 11/22/2018 at 10:00 AM, melski94 said:

Dinner (MTD) in the MDR is slow.  I don’t know if it’s because we are sitting at 7:15.  Cutie has had a hard time there and felt sick each night (she is prone to motion sickness but I feel like 90% of it is in her head).  We gave up on night 4 and ate in WJ.  Not impressed by the dinner selection in WJ but it was packed.  We were lucky to get a seat.  Of course, lobster was served on night 4 in the MDR and we missed it.

Might be an anxiety thing for Cutie. The MDR for dinner is the only time in my life I have been physically affected by anxiety, I get nauseous and slightly dizzy every single time (6 times total, 2 different ships; we shall see if next time is the same too). The motion doesn't really bother me, I sleep in a small boat on the Mississippi River most summer weekends. Breakfast is never an issue in MDR, just dinner. I think, for me, it is a combination of the bright lights, amount of people, close proximity of strangers, all the different smells at the same time, and noise (singing, accents, foreign languages, all the different conversations at the same time,  vocal tones, and variety levels of overall volume from different people). It all just is a lot to take in for over an hour, it is overwhelming, at least to me.

Also - Great blog to read. Indy blogs are far and few between.

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