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Join the flash mob, it’s fun!


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3 minutes ago, jbrinkm said:

@Bowen How did you know about it? Was it just an activity in the planner? Did you have to sign up, were spots limited, etc? Can you explain the process because this is right up my alley!

Anthem had it listed in the planner.  Practice was in the music hall.  IDK where the mob flashed….I missed it

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It was listed in the planner. Day two and three at 2:00, lasting about a half hour. Then again at 2:00 on day seven with the actual performance at 4:45. You just show up, no need to sign up, no limit of people. After the first practice we just went back to our original spots each time. It was on the promenade in front of the little shop next to cafe promenade. The practices and performance were all in the same spot.

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I first heard about it on ParoDeeJay's channel when Dee participated. It looks fun but the way it's announced and advertised always feels like its missing the point of a true flash mob to me. Not a complaint really, just an observation. The thing I like about a flash mob (both as a spectator and as a performer) is that they feel like they just happen spontaneously like a dance number in a musical. I don't want to know  a performance is gonna happen...i just wanna be surprised.

I think, if they were cool about it, someone should tap people at the various dance-themed events on the first couple days and do a word of mouth thing ("hey, you should join the flash mob. Come here tomorrow at 10 to learn the dance. Bring a friend") And the people they tap could just be anyone who looks like they're having fun (instead of an objective talent-based thing). And recruitment could still be mentioned in the cruise planner. But just not the main event. Let the main event be a surprise Lol

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