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Coco Cay 1994

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5 hours ago, Psycho and Barb said:

We use to love all the chickens running all over the island 

Our kids didn't believe us, so now we actively pursue "chicken sightings" and make sure to take a picture.  Definitely fewer sightings these days, but my daughter was thrilled to pose "with" one at the buffet!  My son was NOT as fond of the sea gull who stole his food while he stepped away for 1/2 a second....

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5 hours ago, Adriana said:

@Pattycruise, thank you!! I can hardly wait, it sounds so different!

The only thing about the island to be aware of......the birds.  Do NOT leave food unattended.  They will swoop in (numerous birds at a time) to take your food.....even when you are eating you may have to shoo them away.

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My first time there was in 1987! College spring break on the Emerald Seas (an old military supply ship built in 1944!) It  was known as Little Stirrup Cay (still is the official name) and was leased by Admiral Cruise Lines. 

It literally was just a beach. The sunken plane was there. 

Royal bought Admiral and took over the cay. I went back in the early 90’s on Monarch and it was improved. The rest is history! 

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