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Skagway Rock Slides

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9 hours ago, SFaz said:

I saw that Princess had to adjust some of their sailings because of the dock issues. It looks like most of their Alaska sailings (21 of them) are still going to go there but they had to change 10 sailings. 

I am on Discovery Princess leaving Sept. 11, and mine is one of the few that it is still going.  They emailed me yesterday, that we are using a tender.  Looking at the cruisemapper type sites, looks like Skagway isn't real busy that day.  Quantum was supposed to be there (I was originally on that one) but is stopping elsewhere I believe.  

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39 minutes ago, Marlena said:



On 8/9/2022 at 1:02 PM, JAKRDH said:

Has there been any word as to what is going to happen with Quantum going into Skagway because of the rock slide?  They've changed our itinerary so much already, it doesn't look like the cruise I booked.  

We were on Ovation and we docked at the affected dock but further away from the rock slide area and they used several lifeboats as tenders.  As the letter said tender tickets were needed if you did not have a RC excursion.  The line at Vintages was very long but only 1 member of your party need get the tickets for your whole party.  Check with guest services once on board to learn how The Key purchasers will be accommodated.  After 12:30 pm or so tickets were not needed.  The said they announced that fact but we were in our cabin and only emergency announcements are piped into cabins.

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