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😞 positive test

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On 5/22/2022 at 8:01 PM, TonyYOW said:

I believe the risk is higher if you travel with kids who go to adventure Ocean. Kids are superspreaders because they spend lots of time at adventure Ocean with no masks, and most of them are asymptomatic. 


I believe this is how we got it. Crowds of parents with kids to drop off at AO, at some point there were 45 kids playing at the same time. No surprise my daughter contracted it quickly, and then I got it from her. 

I thought masks were mandatory at adventure Ocean, no? Is it just not being enforced or did they do away with it? 

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I usually travel solo; always social distance (even before Covid was a thing😁); always wash my hands thoroughly with soap and water (not the splash and dash that I see some others do); never touch a bannister (a ship captain gave me that advice long ago); use the stairs a lot trying to avoid crowded elevators (very carefully because of the no-bannister-touching🥴); grab the buffet tongs near the bottom; I even use hydrogen peroxide wipes to wipe down my room when I first board.

I always did these things even pre-Covid. My concern was avoiding flu and, especially…Norovirus. That’s why the hydrogen peroxide wipes. Regular alcohol wipes don’t kill Noro.

But…I know there is no way to completely avoid Covid exposure. Even wearing a mask will not prevent me from getting it…it may offer some protection but it’s primarily meant to keep me from unknowingly spreading it if I am asymptomatic.

I have been on 18 cruises since Sept…many b2bs…through Delta and the beginning of Omicron…and I have been extremely lucky. But, it finally got me. I disembarked from a 7 night on the Oasis on May 8…luckily it wasn’t a b2b. That afternoon I had a minor sore throat which lasted into the next day. I tested and was positive. Minor cold symptoms for three days.

I cancelled the next cruise on the Adventure scheduled for May 12. Didn’t need to send a copy of the test because it was outside the 48hrs CWC. Received refunds for my Cruise Planner purchases in three days…and a full cruise refund in fourteen days…three days after the cruise ended. Oh, well…I figure it was inevitable…but now I have the antibodies.

I hope everyone who gets it going forward has the same minor symptoms…or less…and recovers quickly. And I hope the inconvenience for those being isolated onboard is stress-free. Also, I hope the refund process is just as quick. Best wishes to all!

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