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  1. I went through this in May. I received reimbursement for my post-cruise isolation expenses seven weeks after submitting. We are still waiting for the refund of cruise expenses. I will echo the above, it was not a good experience in the red zone. My biggest complaint was the complete lack of medical care or follow-up.
  2. It is easier, but not without complications. We have a lot of airport delays, blizzards, hurricanes, etc., that can make it dicey for a lot of people. I live about an hour's drive from a port and while that is nice, the itineraries are highly repetitive. I tend to fly to other ports as much as I cruise from my home port just to go to new places.
  3. The first thing I did coming off the ship was a telehealth appointment to get Paxlovid. There are some medications that can't be mixed with it unfortunately. I think it helped me and would make the same decision again. I hope you feel better soon. As for where I think I slipped up, I think it was at dinner in the main dining room. I started out masked walking around, and stayed masked at trivia and a show in the theater. I was not 100% on that though and I should have been. If I cruise again, I will definitely choose a ship with an outside Windjammer and go at least crowded times.
  4. They will never go red because it's not tied to case counts. It's quite misleading for the general public. Orange just means greater than 0.3% which is quite a small number. The upper limit is not defined.
  5. I believe that refers to variant identification. The thing is there is no threshold of case counts that trigger red from orange. It would take a ship admitting that their medical capabilities are overwhelmed and they are not about to do that. I received no medical checks during my isolation, which I was quite surprised by. Not even a daily phone call. Never saw a physician or had my vital signs checked, nothing, just the positive antigen and PCR, then moved cabins to isolation.
  6. The post-cruise social media groups all have so many reports of positive tests. People should be prepared to miss a week of work and activities after they get back.
  7. That was us last week. Great room service, non-existent medical follow-up in my experience. Very poor communication about what to expect. I'm sorry you are going through this. On my Oasis sailing it was clear they didn't want to test and really tried to minimize everything. How they are not listed as a RED ship on the CDC color scale I do not know.
  8. Thank you Sushitex. I'm not an active Facebook person so I haven't seen that. Looks like I'll have a lot of competition lol. I received Pfizer, with minimal side effects. Feels great to be vaccinated. Good luck to you getting it soon.
  9. I am a healthcare worker who is now fully vaccinated against Covid. I had seen some news reports awhile back about cruise lines looking for volunteers for short, practice cruises before things open back up more fully. I'm an experienced cruiser with RC, live within an hour of a port, and am very comfortable with masking as I am double masked plus goggles for 12 hours at a time at work. Does anyone know if this is actually a thing? How does one sign up? (sorry if this has been discussed already, I went back a few pages and didn't see a similar topic)
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