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refreshment package just popped up in my RC planner

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2 hours ago, mike2608 said:

Is $34 per day/guest a good price? Symphony of the seas FEB 2023- 7days i am thinking that is high for this package.  comes out to $476 for 2 people.

That sounds like full price per day. As others have said, it'll drop to the low $20s during a sale. Probably what's happening is Royal is starting to load available purchases for your cruise into the planner, but isn't discounting them yet. I wouldn't purchase yet as sales should start happening within the next three or so months based on experience.

42 minutes ago, Fredsbabe said:

If you purchase a pkg using an onboard credit, then cancel because the price drops & re-purchase, what happens to the onboard credit?

It should get refunded instantaneously (or at least that's what I've heard here from people with serious experience). 

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I agree that $34 is pretty high for the refreshment package. I've seen it as low as $16ish pre-covid. Post-covid the lowest I have seen on my cruises has been $18, but has mostly been around $20/day. My guess is that since Feb 2023 is so far away they're just throwing out a price and hoping someone will purchase. Very likely it will go down.

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I was able to get it for $18.99 in the cruise planner in March. I got it for my 12-yr old son and we just returned from our cruise last week. I think we would have done a little bit better if we had bought the drinks individually. But having the package was more convenient — bartenders didn’t make us sign the bill every time. I definitely would not get it if I had to pay $34.

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