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  1. I know this is in the past, but I read an article on Google news that RCL broke all types of records over the Black Friday weekend enticing people to sign up for future cruises and other types of deals. This might be what was crashing their website. Just wondering.
  2. Does anyone know if this also applies to Verizon wireless?
  3. I hope whatever treatment they give you that it works and you go into remission, and hopefully your doctor says that you can enjoy your cruise.
  4. With the changes to get on a RC cruise do I still need to upload a security/2x2 type photo along with the other documents when it is time to check in? Happy cruising everyone.
  5. Does RC usually dock at Havensight pier or at Crown Bay pier? I am on the Symphony OTS in late February. Happy cruising everyone
  6. I know while you are cruising in the Caribbean you have to have a certain type of sunscreen, can anyone recommend these types of sunscreen products. Thanks and happy cruising.
  7. Starlink is on Symphony? That is awesome to hear
  8. I am thinking of applying for the Norwegian cruise in July of 2024, but my concern is how long do I have before the deposit is no longer refundable
  9. I have been reading about cruisers who have tried to purchase the voom and surf and adding additional devices have had issues on how they are being charged. Does this hold true if you purchase the voom and surf with only one device? I plan on using only one device
  10. Are there any glitches if you purchase the voom and surf for only one device vs 2 devices. I plan on only using one device.
  11. Just now i tried my phone app and was able to make my refreshment package at 40% off.
  12. This is really frustrating I had a refreshment package at 30% off and I cancelled it to get the 40% off and then the site crashed. I have been checking the site every hour but no go. I hope I don't get screwed and have to pay more than 30% I originally had.
  13. is this black Friday just for today? or does it at least extend thru the weekend.
  14. Does anyone have suggestions regarding when to make a hotel reservation, my cruise starts Feb 24th 2023. Trying to get the best deal as possible. Will be staying the night before.
  15. Has anyone else having trouble getting on the manage my cruise part of the website?
  16. What is a decent tip for the porters during embarkation? I will have 2 medium size and 1 large luggage set
  17. Has anyone stayed in the blue lagoon region just south of the Miami airport and if you have, how is the neighborhood in that area to walk around? I am thinking of staying there and wanted to know how relatively safe it is.
  18. I have the refreshment drink package and I do plan on having a few alcoholic drinks, I know it will show up in the app on the phone and on the tv in the room we will be staying in, can I ask the bartender for a paper receipt when I order my drink just in case there are discrepancies between myself and Royal Caribbean check out billing?
  19. It will be nice if by the time this cruise is sailing that we have Starlink 119 days left.
  20. Vaccination cards are no longer necessary?
  21. Which is more convenient? checking in on the RC App or thru the website ie: passports and vax cards. P.S. Icon OTS looks awesome!
  22. I guess inflation has definitely hit the cruise ship industry. Drinks going up from $13 to $14 is a bummer, people with the Deluxe drink package are going to feel it
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