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July 3rd Cruise - Final Payment Due Tomorrow - Pay or Cancel?

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I have a dilemma to work out.  We are supposed to cruise on July 3rd on the Freedom to Bermuda from NJ.  My final payment is due tomorrow.

If the cruise is happening, I'd love to go.  I can pay for it today.

But if the cruise gets cancelled, I'd rather not get a Future Cruise Credit and have RCCL hold my money until my next opportunity to cruise which would be Summer 2022.

I don't think things will restart by then.  Would you cancel or pay for it to get a Future Cruise Credit?

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If you pay and RCG cancels the cruise you have an option for a full refund....barring of course any of the fare was paid in FCC, then that would be reissued as a new FCC. If you cancel now and it was non-refundable fare, then you are still only getting an FCC since it is so close to final payment.  A FCC without any bonuses. The cruise with confidence program allows you to avoid the fees but doesn't necessarily allow for an actual refund.

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If you really want to cruise and would cruise if it does sail then making full payment is the best option. 

The only possible approach to receive a refund to wait until Royal cancels. With final payment due that likely means making final payment is the only way to eventually get a refund.

Since you are willing to cruise the best choice is to proceed on that basis.  Then, if the cruise is canceled by Royal you will have choices.  Typically that has been full refund, 125% FCC or possibly an opportunity to shift the cruise.

If you cancel today you get a 100% FCC for any money applied so far under the cruise with confidence program (assuming you do not have a refundable booking).


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We were in the same boat (but different ship, lol). We had Symphony booked for July 3. We already went through a cancellation and refund last year on Harmony. It wasn’t terrible but did take some time plus the added disappointment.

So we took the newly added “Door 3” and moved our deposit over to Adventure out of Nassau for the same dates. We got a bigger room thanks to Michelle at MEI and we’re paying less, for a cruise we believe will actually happen.

With no test cruises planned yet, you have to assume we’re still at least 90 days out from any cruises to resume. And since not all ships will start immediately or could be booked too full, cancellations will still likely happen at that point.

If you stick with it I really hope your cruise sails!

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