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Covid-19 outbreak on Odyssey of the Seas

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I read this today in my local news: https://www.rtvnoord.nl/nieuws/796055/Corona-uitbraak-op-cruiseschip-1000-opvarenden-vast-aan-boord


Since I am sure that you all cannot read Dutch I will summarize:

A 1000 people are unable to leave Odyssey of the Seas which is currently docked in Bremen. This is because 5 employees of Meyer Werft in Papenburg were tested positive for Covid-19.

The 5 infected staff have been taken into quarantine and are no longer on the ship. 

Last week the first 2 cases surfaced. The others have been in contact with the first 2 and were infected on the ship. 

No further cases are expected. 

Around a 1000 onboard guests and staff are stuck on the ship.


 This last part surprises me. Who are those 1000 people onboard the ship?

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54 minutes ago, Marga said:

This last part surprises me. Who are those 1000 people onboard the ship

There are no guests. It's primarily Meyer Werft workers, with some RC staff.

The ship isn't even owned/operated by Royal Caribbean yet. Until delivery, it is property of Meyer Werft.

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9 minutes ago, smokeybandit said:

Well by definition it's an outbreak.  An outbreak is two or more related cases.

My understanding is that they tested positive at the shipyard, not on the ship.  It's an outbreak in Papenburg.  The outbreak did not occur on the ship.


  • 'The team is currently preparing the ship for sea trials,' Royal Caribbean said in a statement. 'As part of the stringent protocols put in place by the shipyard, all shipyard workers and crew members must receive a negative PCR test result before boarding. Once on board, the ship conducts daily testing. This process allowed Meyer Werft to detect any possible COVID-19 cases and take the necessary measures to contain the spread of the virus. Earlier this week, six shipyard workers were identified after a positive test and they were immediately quarantined land side. At this time, there are no positive cases on board.'


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Ah, I see what you mean.

Though I've seen a couple different articles with varying details about the whos and wheres. Other articles said they tested positive onboard after conveyance began, but that could have been something lost in the google translation

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It's funny in a strange way how focused the media is on ships.  4,100 new cases in Florida announced today, no major breaking news headlines even thought that number is good and down in general.

Six people test positive near a cruise ship and BAM!  Worldwide headlines.  

I suppose we shouldn't give the media any ideas.  With three Disney ships anchored offshore near Cape Canaveral the media could claim "4,100 new cases in the vicinity of 3 cruise ships!"  OR "Multiple cruise ships arrive in Miami today and 4,100 new cases are reported in Florida".

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