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Anthem of the Seas in February?

Gregg S

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My family is currently booked for Symphony during school vacation week in February, but airfare from Boston is ridiculous that week, and doesn't seem to be budging. Thinking of switching to Anthem out of Cape Liberty to eliminate the flight cost, but wondering if it will be worth it. We did Harmony last year and loved it. How is the comparison to the OASIS class, and is there enough indoor space during the first and last days of the cruise (both sea days, will be cold) to make it enjoyable and not feel like we are packed into a tin can?

Thanks for the assist!


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I’m also a Greg. We sailed on Anthem in February 2018 since we are from NY. We had a great time. There are plenty of things to do on the ship. While an Oasis class may have more, quantum holds its own with activities. ifly, bumper cars, North Star, sports plex etc. I liked the bands in the music hall. 270 is really cool.

 I also felt that the first and last sea days weren’t terrible weather wise. Sail away was chilly, but being from upstate NY, it was sunny, mid 40’s so felt like a heat wave. The last sea day I was still wearing short sleeves and it felt comfortable. The are indoor pools on Anthem so you won’t miss out on that either.

Welcome to the boards!


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I am 100% a fan of Oasis class but I did sail Anthem twice. The first blog, I compared it heavily to Oasis and it was out of Cape Liberty early March. The second time around did not change my initial thoughts much. 




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@Gregg S  Hi and welcome to the RCB!

We are sailing Anthem this coming March 8th.  We picked it to save the air fare too.  But we really like Anthem.  Not Oasis class, but we find a lot to do.  In fact, we are also sailing it the 24th of this month.  For us, one big attraction is the adult enclosed solarium.  It is protected from the elements so it is well suited for colder weather cruises.  This cruise is Canada, but in March we go to Coco Cay.  We love the music hall and the many other things to do on the ship.  For the money savings and convenience of it all, I don't think you will be disappointed.

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I have sailed both Oasis and Anthem.  I can tell you that we found Oasis too big for us and until we sailed Anthem we were the Freedom Class fans.  I can now tell you that we love the Anthem and find we have two favorite class ships now (Freedom and Quantum).  As stated by Gregg above, there is so much activity and places to enjoy yourself.  We also found that we loved the Quantum Solarium over the other solariums on the other ships.  The only time it felt a little crowded was on the Esplanade.  I think Anthem is a great choice.


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One more upvote here for Anthem in the colder weather. Sailed her last October and sailing her again this October. You definitely won't feel like you're in a tin can on those first and last days; the only place that ever feels crowded is the Esplanade section of the ship where the shops, main bars, and specialty dining venues are located. Rest of the ship is nice and spacious, especially the Solarium (which I agree with @DMLM is probably the best I've seen so far, bearing in mind I've only seen two 🥴)

You can find a link to my blog from last year's Anthem sailing in my signature. I'm a fan of Freedom Class, but Anthem / Q class definitely has its advantages, which I outline on the last entry of that blog.

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Being from Canada, Anthem is a cheap option for us as well.  We have been on her twice, and this is what we love:

  1. Getting on a ship in the middle of winter and waking up the next day (typically off the Carolinas) is great.  It is not hot, but it is very pleasant (and the opposite of Canada at that time of year).
  2. Lots to do on this ship, and different from Oasis Class.  iFly is blast and Two70 is a very different and fun venue.
  3. Different entertainment.  We really enjoy the Broadway shows, so it was nice to not see Mama Mia (which we love) for the 4th time.  However, we have seen The Gift twice now and still don't get it.  Everything else is great.
  4. Yes, Anthem does not have Central Park and the Promenade, but the Music Hall and Two70 can be lots of fun.
  5. Best dance floor for 2 at sea (right bedside the piano in the Schooner Bar).
  6. Sailing under the Verrazano Bridge is special.  Go up to IFly and watch from there.  Both times the instructors were "training" as you glide under the bridge (It looked like too much fun to be work).
  7. The covered parking just to the East of the terminal is worth it.  Drop your bags, drive less than a minute, and park ... it is a short walk back to the ship.

Curt from Canada

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