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  1. Hi Sailing this weekend on Symphony and I have a few prepaid credit cards that I need to burn up. Does anyone know if RC takes these to put on my Seapass account for gratuities? Thanks Gregg
  2. Last year on Harmony, I wore a suit for the first formal night, and maybe a sportcoat with button up shirt for the second. Whether you dress up or wear khakis and a polo shirt, you'll fit right in. Whatever your comfort level is - that's the right answer. But I was actually surprised to see as many people as I did wearing formalwear. I pretty much dress like a bum for work, so I don't mind having an occasion to clean up every now and then.
  3. Hi Sailing in Symphony in February and trying to determine which flight to get back home at the end. A 10:15am flight is significantly cheaper, but not sure if it allows enough time. Last year we sailed on Harmony and took a pm flight out of FT Lauderdale and waited in the airport for what seemed like forever. It was brutal. Thanks for the advice. Gregg
  4. Hi My family is currently booked for Symphony during school vacation week in February, but airfare from Boston is ridiculous that week, and doesn't seem to be budging. Thinking of switching to Anthem out of Cape Liberty to eliminate the flight cost, but wondering if it will be worth it. We did Harmony last year and loved it. How is the comparison to the OASIS class, and is there enough indoor space during the first and last days of the cruise (both sea days, will be cold) to make it enjoyable and not feel like we are packed into a tin can? Thanks for the assist! Gregg
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