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Todd W

Liberty 04/28 to 05/05 DISCO INFERNO!

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ok so we were hesitant that anyone would be participating in the 70's Disco Inferno party but life is too short, so our group jumped in head first and had an awesome time!   For reference, i was going for a Disco King look and ended up looking like a 70's porn producer  LOL    we made our entrance down the aft glass elevator dancing the whole way.  by the time we hit the promenade, crowds were cheering us on.     had many onlookers grab us for photos and chat about our outfits.   great time had by everyone and we even made the RC TV loop for the remainder of the week.    most fun we've ever had on a cruise!

our group - me, my wife, sister in law, sister in law and brother in law



my brother in law killed it with his acrylic goldfish heels!

who loves ya baby?




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1 minute ago, Joe01 said:

How was the CD on Liberty? Your sailing was his first week with Royal.

he certainly needs some polishing up on his interaction but he wasn't horrible.    i think after he gets some more time under his belt, he will be much better.

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