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LIVEish, 7 Days on Celebrity Edge (aka 3343) (4/14/2019 or 14/4/2019 better yet April 14, 2019)

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Solarium at night   Nice being trusted with towels and not worrying about being possibility of being charge $25 for one...

Just got done dining at Eden Restaurant. Was a very interesting meal to say the least, in a good way. Eden Restaurant is located on the lower level of Eden. Access is via set of stairs from deck

Today's port of call is Grand Cayman. One of the nice features of Edge is the use of the Magic Carpet as a tender platform and ship has some of the life boats configured as tenders. These tenders have

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Time for a 1 am tour of Oceanview Cafe!

Oceanview Cafe has beverage stations accessible 24 hours day. Food is served starting at 6:30am and keeps going until 1am. Only time I noticed any type of shutdown of the buffet lines was during the transition between breakfast and lunch. All other times at least one area is open and offering something.

When first entering on the starboard side you'll pass by sinks for hand washing. One thing I did notice on Edge is they weren't heavily vigiliant about making sure everyone either washed their hands or used hand sanitizer. Also in this area is Scoops where you can get hand dipped ice cream, gelato (at a cost), or soft serve.


One inside the main area off to the left is il Secondo Bacio. This is the primary walkup bar, inside of Oceanview Cafe the roaming bar servers have access to a back bar area.


Beverage station



In the middle of Oceanview Cafe is the main buffet area.

On the far left side of this shot there are some "fresh" stations. Over here is the bakery is cooking up fresh bread and pastries all day long. In the middle is where at times wok style dishes are made to order. and then all the way on the far side is a pasta station offering up fresh tossed options. Post dinner the only open parts are the bakery, pasta station, and the service line where the green rectangle is. Bakery post dinner will have some sliced meats and cheeses, various breads, and some type of cookie. The station with the green rectangle has a salad bar on one side and cakes of some type on the other.


I'm standing on the port side now, so this will technically be a different left. That station is a grill station during lunch and dinner. During the breakfast hours that is the spot for made to order eggs.


Still on the port side. During breakfast this station offers typical asian breakfast items. During lunch and dinner fresh rotisserie items are carved. 


Turning around this is a good view point of some of the seating on the port side. Can also see where the pasta station is on the left.


Going to jump back over the the starboard side as show some seating near the back, just before the area with the pizza station. During the day these massive windows allow a lot of natural light is. 


Some of the seating in the back area


Last on the list of places for food, the pizza station. This is the other station that is open until 1am. I'm still have dreams about the dang pizza. That pizza was great starting off with hand stretched raw dough. 


Just in case you were wondering, yes the port side entrance to Oceanview Cafe also has handwashing stations.


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Kept on wondering why I had taken this picture of the light switch in the bathroom.


Well it finally clicked... It was due to, in my opinion, logical placement of the switch inside of the bathroom. Great for consideration of others in the room at night. No more blinding light inside a stateroom at night because you can't turn off a light before entering or leaving. Other bonus, don't have to worry about someone accidentally hitting the switch and turning off the lights while you are inside.

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