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    Mushroom got a reaction from Baked Alaska in laundry bag   
    Regarding the laundry bag you can fill up for $30 -- I read mixed messages about what are allowed in the bag. Some says only underwear, tees, PJ, etc., no pants or shirts. Other say no restriction (of course nothing fancy like dresses). Is there a rule? Shorts? Capris? I am trying to figure out how much to pack.
    I wish RCL has laundry room onboard. :(
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    Mushroom reacted to function12 in photo package   
    I got the same letter on the Liberty a few weeks ago.  You either give them your sea pass card to swipe or your room number.  Saturday even after 8pm we could pick up our flash drive with all the pictures.  You can review your pic when the photo shop is open on the ship.  We have two random pics from another couple on ours.  They said they were going to remove them but never did.
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    Mushroom reacted to twangster in souvenir cup   
    On a side note, in 2016 I sailed Oasis and the souvenir cup came with the deluxe drink package.  I never used the cup, all of my drinks were from a bar.  
    The cup has a chip embedded in the base which is how it works in the self serve soda and flavored water machines.
    Recently on Grandeur I opted out of the drink package but brought my 2016 Oasis cup with me.  It worked!  
    I guess they don't track the RFID of each cup and which ship a particular cup is distributed onto, as long as one has never been used, it seems to be accepted. 
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    Mushroom reacted to rjac in souvenir cup   
    But, it will be empty.....
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    Mushroom reacted to whitsmom in souvenir cup   
    It will be in your cabin waiting for you when you arrive.
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    Mushroom reacted to jce2 in use of computers   
    Blows my mind!  I have been programming computer systems since 1975 (punch cards) and at one time was the big guy on the block because I splurged and had 48 K in my TRS 80.  Terns like Megabyte and Gigabyte were unheard of....and now they sell terrabyte hard drives in the BX!
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    Mushroom reacted to rjac in weather affecting excursions   
    I second what Doc said, book it now or risk the excursion being sold out. 
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    Mushroom reacted to whitsmom in lunch on Labadee   
    Lunch is from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. 
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    Mushroom reacted to twangster in use of computers   
    Agreed.  From what I've seen you can enter your Voom code, if you bought a Voom plan, or you can purchase a Voom plan from the terminals.  They do allow free browsing to the RC website, but other than that, they are pretty locked down.  
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    Mushroom reacted to DocLC in weather affecting excursions   
    If they're cancelled, they'll refund the cost. Reason won't lead to a cancellation, but rough seas and wind might. Lightening would also likely lead to cancellations. 
    I'd book now to ensure you can get it unless you're worried about the rain. There's no risk since it's a Royal excursion, but it could sell out before you board. 
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    Mushroom reacted to DocLC in use of computers   
    I haven't been on the Harmony yet, but on the other ships the computers did not allow you to use them as computers in the true sense. They were just internet access terminals, probably to keep the computers secure. There was no way to plus in devices. 
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    Mushroom reacted to DunkelBierJay in Labadee   
    There are lockers for rent next to the hut where you check in for the zip line. If I recall correctly, it's either $8 or $10 for the day.
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    Mushroom reacted to bhageerah in Labadee   
    I am not sure how much the island has changed since we were there in 2013 but I we had a book bag with all of our stuff in it, since we did the wave rider tour we had to put it somewhere and that is where we found the lockers.  I apologize because I can not remember how much they were but you did get all day access and can go in them as much or little as the renter desired.  I do have a portable safe and use it rather frequently while on a beach, and it has come in extra handy and has allowed both of us to go play in the ocean without having to worry excessively about the small amount of cash that we bring with us, our key cards, and other items that we bring with us.  While the safe is not meant to be placed and keep the most determined criminal away from your stuff they are perfect for places where you are around quite a bit of people and will stop the typical thief that is just looking to pick up something as quickly and inconspicuously as possible and disappear.  I will leave the choice of the safe up to you, as for us it has put our mind at ease and for the $20 it cost us it was worth every penney.  There were more than enough lockers and if I remember correctly there were a few different sizes available as well!  Hope that this helps! 
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    Mushroom reacted to jce2 in On the Harmony this week...ask away   
    How do you derive the Quadratic Formula from the Quadratic Equation (and please show all work)?
    Hey you said ask!  You didn't specify about what
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    Mushroom reacted to DocLC in Packing Questions & Need Cruise Hacks/Tips!   
    The shoe organizer has been suggested for years. However, ive been on two dozen cruises and have never had a need for one. What I do find valuable, though, is a hanging toiletry bag. I'm also a big fan of zip ties for securing luggage as they can easily be cut off by the TSA if needed and I know that someone has been in my bag if they're missing. With the TSA locks, there's no way to immediately know if someone has been through your luggage.
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    Mushroom reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Packing Questions & Need Cruise Hacks/Tips!   
    They have them in the MDR breakfast at the cereal bar (at least they were there on the Freedom last week).
    I always take a few boxes with me to feed the fish ! 
    BTW, tarpon are cereal snobs.  They wanted NOTHING to do with the cereal I took to Grand Cayman.  The little sun fish, on the other hand, loved it !
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    Mushroom reacted to RestingBird in mail postcards   
    We sent our nephews post cards from Canada, took almost a month.  Really gotta put 'em through a security check ?
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    Mushroom reacted to Matt in snorkeling   
    Check out this blog post about What you need to know about snorkeling on Royal Caribbean's Labadee
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    Mushroom reacted to DocLC in mail postcards   
    I'm not sure. :(
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    Mushroom reacted to coneyraven in mail postcards   
    I have no idea, but I LOVE this idea ..... I'll have to give it a shot from Bermuda.
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    Mushroom got a reaction from Shawnemact in Please don't hate me :)   
    I am a Disney fan and I collected TONS of Disney-themed travel-related stuff. Small ones from lauuage tags, lanyards, water-proof cellphone holders, to larger ones like suitcases. Will I be frowned upon for being a Disney snob on RCL (first time)?
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    Mushroom reacted to barbarashimer414 in Snorkeling in Cozumel Mexico   
    We just returned from Cozumel and had so much fun snorkeling. We did loads of research on which tour operator in Cozumel was the best to do a snorkel tour with, and we came across Cozumel Cruise Excursions .NET They have tons of great reviews, and take you to the best reefs, which are Palancar Reef and Colombia Reef. Sorry if I misspelled those. They are a small family tour operation, and another one of their popular tours that we did the year before was their private jeep tour, which also includes snorkeling but from the shore. 
    The best part, is that they take you to a sandbar called El Cielo, which they said means "Sky" or "Heaven" in Spanish, and if you go here you'll see exactly why. Its probably the most beautiful place we have ever seen in the Caribbean. I attached a photo, and hope I did it right. Just going here is worth the money. They provide beer, soda, water and I think they had some juices for the kids, cant remember. The guacamole was out of this world, and don't get me started on the fresh cut pineapple. They are small group tours, so it was very personalized. 
    They actually pick you up right from the cruise pier which was very convenient. I believe the other companies, make you take a taxi to the marina. But no matter who you choose, make sure to do a snorkel tour in Cozumel that visits El Cielo sandbar. You can get more information by visiting their Cozumel snorkel and el Cielo tour page. The tour was over 4 hours, and cost $50 per person which was great compared to the cruise ship tours. 
    Well have a great time on your first cruise, and no matter what your going to have a blast in Cozumel :)

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    Mushroom reacted to EmersonNZ in Please don't hate me :)   
    I've had absolutely no issue including our Disney suitcase, wearing tee shirts and probably even underwear... ok... no one saw the underwear but my wife....
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    Mushroom reacted to KLA in Please don't hate me :)   
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    Mushroom reacted to DocLC in Please don't hate me :)   
    We often spend a few days so WDW before Florida cruises, so I tend to wear Disney apparel and even wear Disney Tues on formal night. My son also has a Disney carry on bag. It used to be Cars with LED lights, but now he's graduated to a more mature BB-8. 
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