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  1. I have less than 2 weeks to go! Lots of questions. :) Apparently the classic soda package comes with our Boardwalk room. Where do I go to pick up the souvenir cups? Thank you!
  2. I just bought the all digital package. Will this info be loaded to my SeaPass? Or do I need to somehow redeem it on the ship? Do photographers scan SeaPass card every time? What pictures are NOT included in the package (I assume the studio shots are not)? Thank you!
  3. Does anyone know what time lunch will be served till? I am trying to figure out if my excursion (ends at 12:45 pm) is too late or not. :) Thanks!
  4. I read that there are computers in the card room on Harmony. If I don’t need Internet connection, can I use the computer for free (say, download pictures from phone to a thumb drive)? Thanks!
  5. Morning all! The weather forecast for our upcoming Labadee day says heavy shower. I was planning on doing the Labadee Snorkel Safari that day. Will excursions be cancelled with heavy rain? Should I wait till onboard to book it? Thanks!
  6. On Labadee, where do you leave your personal belongings while doing things? For example, can you bring a backpack to the roller-coaster? Is there an area where you can leave stuff while in the aqua park? Or just in general while exploring? I know some people bring portable safe and lock up everything around a beach chair. Is that the norm / necessary? Thanks!
  7. We did this on almost every stop in the past. But it takes a loooong time to receive them. Up to 2 months to Canada. :)
  8. If I ask guest service, will they be able to get the local postmark? :)
  9. My son is finally old enough for snorkeling tours. Our first port will be Labadee. Do you recommend snorkeling there? It will be his first time so I don’t need anything fancy. I figure to do it at the first stop, if he likes it, then I can try to book another one in Cozumel. Any suggestions are appreciated!
  10. Hi all! Is there a way to mail postcards from Labadee? What about Falmouth? Thanks!
  11. I am a Disney fan and I collected TONS of Disney-themed travel-related stuff. Small ones from lauuage tags, lanyards, water-proof cellphone holders, to larger ones like suitcases. Will I be frowned upon for being a Disney snob on RCL (first time)?
  12. How do they pair people for sharing bigger tables? I am travelling with my son who is 8 years old. Will we be sitting with other single parent / kids?
  13. But I want to look good too LOL
  14. Well, the US $34.99 per bag laundry charge is even higher than airline's fee for a checked luggage! I guess I am just going to pack my whole closest then! :) (Seems like I have to pack 20 t-shirts, let alone other stuff! Geesh!)
  15. Regarding the laundry bag you can fill up for $30 -- I read mixed messages about what are allowed in the bag. Some says only underwear, tees, PJ, etc., no pants or shirts. Other say no restriction (of course nothing fancy like dresses). Is there a rule? Shorts? Capris? I am trying to figure out how much to pack. I wish RCL has laundry room onboard. :( Thanks!!!
  16. Is there a dress code for shows? Or does it follow the dinner dress code?
  17. Apparently on Allure, it was a dance party in Studio B. Mind you, my info came from some YouTube videos so I don't know the official words. This is my first time with RCL. I was just wondering if I need to pack glow-in-the-dark stuff for my son. Nothing to do with the "adult" version.
  18. I somehow don't think we are talking about the same party LOL
  19. Is there a glow party on Harmony? (2 months to go, working on packing list)
  20. DocLC, since you mentioned about he theme parties, do kids dress up, say, in pirates costumes, or pajamas? Just wonder if I need to pack some. :)
  21. Newbie questions. Going on Harmony (first time with RCL). I understand there are 3 main dining restaurants. One is for fixed time and the other two are for my-time-dining. We signed up for fixed time. If I am interested in visiting the other 2 dining rooms, am I still allowed to go even I didn’t sign up for my-time-dining? Do I need reservation? First night – I have reservation for a show at 7:30 pm and I guess we should arrive at 7 to get good seats. Can I make it if I eat in the main dining room? What about Solarium Bistro? Or would you suggest just go to the buffet? If we don’t want to eat in the main dining room on any given night, do we have to call someone to request that? Thank you!
  22. Part of the first step regarding personal profile, do I HAVE to upload my own picture? Can I do this at the port? I don't have anything fits the requirement. Thanks!!!
  23. I would do the LV thingy but I thought it is only available for domestic flights?
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