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  1. We had a Mr Washy Washy on Navigator in May 17. Hilarious!! Probably the same bloke
  2. Sailing from Southampton on Indy for 2 weeks in June 2019 - Refreshment Package down from £24 per day to £16 per day - Result
  3. Totally agree - smoking should be banned from the whole ship - and i mean the whole ship!!
  4. and the point of this thread is?.........
  5. Am i the only person thinking that if they want to upgrade you, it should be for free?
  6. Mrs Castle is Gluten Free and we had a fab holiday on Navigator in 2017. The Cafe Promenade will do Gluten Free Pizza and you can also ask for GF Cookies. In MDR, if you ask for Fries, they get them freshly made in Johnny Rockets as this is the only fryer/cooking oil guaranteed to be GF.
  7. Are there no boats going to the Eastern Med( Greece, Croatia, Turkey) in Summer 2018?
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