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  1. Hi all, I have been reading this forum for a while - getting lots of tips ready for our first cruise at the end of the month. Thanks all for posting great information! I do have a few questions; My other half doesn't drink (I am not trying to pull a fast one, she genuinely won't touch a drop) so I have been able to book the Deluxe Beverage for me and the Refreshment package for her. My question is how does that work in terms of charging? If she goes to the bar will she be able to tell them or will I have to get my own drinks? Also with the Ultimate Dining am I correct in thinking that we will be automatically assigned something for the first night with the option to make all the other bookings upon arriving on the ship? Are there still discounts available for the chefs table with the ultimate dining or should I just book this up before arriving? I think that is it for now :) Many Thanks,
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