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  1. indeed - obviously never sailed out of Southampton and cruise the med. Think we had 4 or 5 changes
  2. So the inside PLUS cabins are 1 sq ft larger than the normal inside - RC you are ripping us off big time!!
  3. biggest disapoinment of the whole cruise - a complete non event
  4. P&O new ship is ARVIA - dont want to get confused........
  5. like most thing in life, its 50/50 - i will either go or not........
  6. well said - in the uk we are testing 15 times more people than other european countries but only have the same numbers of positives per 100k
  7. Explorer for Xmas 2022 - Refreshment package at £12.92 ($17.20) + grats Was £22.12 yesterday
  8. your obviously not up early enough to see the helicopter drop them off every day......
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boaty_McBoatface
  10. will be interesting to see how it is policed as the UK are not giving people who have had the jab a covid passport
  11. P&O has been cancelled into mid April 2021 for sometime, so not a surprise. With rates rising again inEurope, i would be surprised if any cruises go in Europe until the Autumn, so if RC cancel the whole summer it wouldn't be a surprise.
  12. Unlike P&O where it has to be a new booking - all you can do is pay the 'upgrade' for an existing booking
  13. Agree with the previous post re: 'Grease' - this was very popular on indy and the queue was massive, even for the afternoon show!!
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