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  1. is anyone having issues with the slots?  mine are running so slow its frustrating.  I've done all the clear cache and stuff but nothing helps.  I play on a pc only, never could get it to run on my phone.  This only happened the last week.  I looked and can't find anything that changed in  that time.  Nothing else on my pc is running slow.


  2. Since I turn off all electronic devices when I cruise I never paid any attention to voom.   But we have an 11 day (maybe) in october and the wife said we get some free zoom as diamond.  I looked at the tier benefits and didn't see it and don't remember seeing it in the state room paper.  Any help?

  3. 15 hours ago, CFL said:

    We boarded Harmony this morning. They asked us 3 questions::  1) have we been to China, Hong Kong, or Macau in the last 15 days, 2) were we in close contact with anyone from these areas in the last 15 days (that we were aware of) and 3) did we have any flu symptoms in the last 7 days. We answered no to all and that was it. 

    Yup, same thing last week for Brilliance out of Tampa.

  4. On 12/19/2019 at 1:16 PM, monctonguy said:

    Don't change it anytime soon please!!!!!..I will be about 2 cruises(7 nighters) away from Diamond after 2020..quite a feat considering I have only done once a 7 night cruise..most of my cruises have been 4 nighter's...taking awhile but I want my Diamond perks!!:8_laughing:

    I finally hit diamond last week.  After 7 years.  Not planning to go to D+, just taking cruises and see what happens.  

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