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  1. Just looked up my Freedom cruise for November 2021 and is now showing switched to Explorer and doubled the price. In the email I got telling me my cruise was switched it said the price would be matched to when I booked would carry over. I guess I'll sit on hold for hours to get the price match back. My wife and I were really looking forward to being back on Freedom again.
  2. I wounder what this means for my November 2021 Southern ABC island on Freedom. If I try to do a mock booking for November 2021 it's not showing up.
  3. I checked both my 2021 Cruises but only showing up on my September Alaska cruise but not my December Southern Caribbean cruisse. I'll keep checking back.
  4. My wife and I have sailed on Adventure 4 times and next Sunday will be our fifth, excellent ship. I prefer Adventure over the newer bigger ships. You can't go wrong with Adventure.
  5. I received this email from the Crown and Anchor Team on this past Friday for my up coming cruise on Adventure next Sunday January 13th. Crown & Anchor Lounge Update.pdf
  6. I always use Ace Luxury Transportation. They will pick you up at your hotel and drop you at the pier. The cost all depends on how big your group is. www.aceluxurytransportation.com
  7. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. When we booked the cruise we didn't realize it was weekend before Super Bowl. With that being said the room rates we unbelievable (2 to 3 times more than I was expecting). We settled on the Holiday Inn on 17th St. When I called to book the rooms they asked if I had any points I wanted to use towards the rooms. I forgot about my points and I had enough to book the rooms and still had some left to use on my next cruise. If it wasn't for them asking if I had points the rooms would have cost $262 per room plus taxes for 1 night times 4 rooms. With the sav
  8. Looking for recommendations for Hotels near Port Everglades. There is a group of 8 of us needing 4 rooms. We are flying in W Palm Beach since flights were almost $400 cheaper than flying into FFL. Any recommendations for hotels anywhere between W Palm Beach and Port Everglades would be great Thank you in advance for any suggestions.
  9. The wife and I did this on Oasis in June, to me I would not do it again. The Galley tour lasted all of about 10 mins. They took thru where they make up the shrimp cocktails and salads for dinner and the fruit plates for the suite guests and then walked us thru the main galley where the main dishes come off the line then back out to the dinning room for your brunch. as for the brunch, only had 3 choices and never given the opportunity to place a second order, service was very slow. The best part about it was meeting and talking with the people that was sitting at the table with us for brunch.
  10. Reached Diamond on Oasis Cruise in February 2018, did not receive pin on our Enchantment in October. Have never received any pins for the previous levels as well. Would be nice to have as a keepsake.
  11. I have used the Luggage Valet twice, once in Port Canaveral and also in Miami. Well worth the money!!. Set my luggage outside our state room night before and picked it up at baggage claim when I returned home. Not having to find your luggage after getting off the ship and dragging them around until you drop them off at check in at the airpot makes it well worth it. IMHO
  12. Wife and I took my brother and his wife on their first cruse last September on Enchantment, wife came home from work yesterday and said she was looking thru the pictures from the cruise and said it would be nice to go again. Had me check prices .Just booked the 3 night cruise on leaving in 16 days out of Port Canaveral. Looking for suggestions on good hotel near the port. Flying in the night before.
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