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  1. I loved this little surprise on the Explorer of the Seas. What surprises or moments were your favorites?
  2. I just got off the Explorer on the 24th of January and we enjoyed every minute of it. We stayed in the owners suite 1320 and it was very clean and everything was in great working condition. The suite attendant was very thorough and left us small surprises every day. The concierge on the ship was very personable and efficient and made sure that we were well taken care off. The poolside activities were fun and entertaining. The Company Men was a great show and the theater was filled with enthusiasm. We truly enjoyed the specialty restaurants Izumi and Chops; Giovanni’s did not meet our expectati
  3. Hello Everyone, just received this email. :) I thought that I would share this email as it outlines suite benefits for the Explorer of the Seas with the hopes that it may benefit someone else that has questions related to this ship. I am counting the minutes, Kiki :).
  4. I am going to be in Labadee in January and I have booked the Speedboat and Snorkel experience. I was wondering which one would be better as well lol. From the looks of the pictures, it looks like there are less people on the Speedboat.... I will write a review upon my return :).
  5. Hello Everyone, I am excited to be on the Explorer of the Seas next month and I am in the process of finalizing excursions for Labadee. Did anyone participate in the Speedboat and Snorkeling excursion and is willing to provide some feedback on this experience? Is the Speedboat going to the same reef as the Catamaran Snorkel experience. Thank you in advance for sharing your experiences, Kiki :).
  6. Be knowledgeable about your cruise ship selection. Yes, there is a lot of hype surrounding the mega ships with every bell and whistle imaginable. However, I love the nostalgia that you can immerse yourself with cruise ships such as the Explorer of the Seas and smaller ships. I am reminiscing of the days where interpersonal relationships, interesting conversation about destinations and culture with fellow travelers, superseded ziplines and trampolines. There is a true value of being on a non retrofitted ship that allows for simplistic fun and activities without being loud, mass manufactured,
  7. I am 70 some days away from my owners suite and I am passed the 90 day mark. So the cruise fare will remain the same. Next time I will definitely book sooner ;). Just never know if hubby can get the days off.
  8. Thank you, at least I am not the only one doing this.... lol
  9. Good Morning, this is a question for experienced cruisers. I find myself cancelling and repurchasing internet, cruise excursions, and beverage packages ect... on the R.C. website due to a price drop or better offering. The folks that do billing at R.C. must think that I am nuts LOL! Is there a better way of doing this? Thank you for your insights :).
  10. I do feel that the Explorer of the seas is one of those underrated ships. It is a beautiful ship from what I can see for traditional cruising.
  11. Thank you so much for your insights. It is very much so appreciated. It is difficult to ascertain from the website or conversation what benefits you are actually receiving.
  12. Hello Everyone, I am a first timer in an Owner Suite on the Explorer of the Seas. I have heard conflicting information about Lunch in specialty restaurants for suite guests (benefit). Is it just a more comfortable place to sit while you retrieve your food from Windjammers or do they actually have a buffet or limited menu from that specialty restaurant? Thank you in advance for clarifying :).
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