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  1. I recall, doing those things some years ago. I would like to venture out a little farther . I have googled lots....perhaps just a few hour tour ride somewhere?
  2. Will be arriving in a few days on Adventure of the Seas at the Royal Naval Dockyards in Portsmouth Bermuda. Must be back on the ship by 4:pm Im asking experienced cruisers, best advantage things to do for that short time period. We like the beach and have not seen Horseshoe Bay, but would only stay a few hours. Better off to take a tour, public transit, go to Hamilton? Or simply just stroll the port itself? I dont do elaborate tours such as diving, caves, jet skis, etc, maybe a catamaran cruise if its worth it. thx all.
  3. Thx. Its only a day trip back to ship by 4:pm What would you suggest to have a great time with limited time? The ship is at the Royal Naval Dockyard. west end I think. Rent a scooter? tour? Or just walk around the port? thx
  4. I just got off the phone and was informed that this is indeed a mandatory fee that ALL must pay regardless if they stay on the ship or not. CRAZY
  5. Just got a notice from Royal indicating that 1. All passengers MUST have an approved Bermuda Travel Authorization (TA) before arriving at the embarkation terminal . 2. All passengers MUST be vaccinated and are required to upload their vaccine card at time of application. 3. All passengers over the age of 2 years MUST submit an application and pay the $40 fee by Mastercard or Visa. Needless to say I will stay on the ship and not tour Bermuda for the few hours we are there. Imagine a family of 4-6 ? What an absurd cash grab!
  6. What about drinks? Does elite give you that? Or is it included anyway with Celebrity all incl program?
  7. I think there are many people on the same wave length with regards to switching to Celebrity. I am Diamond Plus so there is some kind of reciprocity on the crown and anchor status for benefits on Celebrity. As much as I have enjoyed Royal, when it comes to just me and my wife, I think Celebrity is the way to go. When members of my extended family and grandkids want to cruise, then I would shoot back to Royal.
  8. experts? You will get "opinions" based on previous experiences. Honestly how would anybody know how staffing issues will be handled unless that person works for Royal? Contact head office yourself to get direct answers, to avoid conjecture. To me staffing is a problem worldwide, including cruise ships . I noticed it my last cruise on Oasis, but Im going again this month and willing to take the risk of any shortfalls. Thats just the way it is right now. Take it or leave it.
  9. Ok wise guy, Im referring to the crown and anchor desk aboard ship and the rep that sits behind the desk. The question refers to what exactly they do and can do. I am fully aware of the benefits of being a Diamond,Diamond plus etc.
  10. So there is a news about a new loyalty ambassador , and apparently a layoff of a previous one? I am a Diamond Plus member and after all my cruises , I have yet to find any useful benefit from the desk /representative on board. Can anybody tell me what specifically this dept does all week on board?
  11. Haiti does pollute a lot, along with a lot of other countries.
  12. This is one reason I always book direct. Further I always book through Casino Royale. Its a IRONCLAD guarantee for all my booking and airfare. I can cancel to the day of cruise and get my port charges and taxes refunded. If Royal cancels the cruise, Air2Sea refunds no questions asked. I know this process of booking is not for all, but if you are going to gamble on the ship, you might as well join the program and take advantage of it. Casino Royale is a separate entity and must deliver on its promises. There is a lot of revenue at stake.
  13. For the first time I have a stateroom booked on Liberty at the aft.( 4 nights for the experience ) Unfortunately it is next to a 2 bedroom grand suite. I'm wondering if this is too risky assuming most 2 bedroom suites are booked with families with kids and therefore I am subjected to more noise? Or are the rooms sound proof enough? If I change it I must move midship on another level, as most rooms are selling out.
  14. Just off Oasis for 2 weeks. CK was not over the top. Had dinner there first week only and went to Windjammer the second week with one dinner in MDR. Lack of consistency with food Im afraid. There are issues that all cruise lines are dealing with. Even specialty restaurants are lacking quality . Windjammer was also substandard. Supply chain, staffing ,training are the culprits .
  15. https://www.forbes.com/sites/daphneewingchow/2019/09/20/caribbean-islands-are-the-biggest-plastic-polluters-per-capita-in-the-world/?sh=18826f8d774b
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