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  1. We're on Odyssey on July 31, too. We found a place to get rapid tests locally before we fly tomorrow because we don't want to get stuck waiting at the terminal. But this whole procedure (and ridiculous lack of notice) has really increased our stress levels, instead of getting us in proper mood for a cruise.
  2. If you haven't seen it already, check your email or the RCCL website for the NEW requirement that everyone 2 and older has to present a negative COVID test at the terminal for embarkation. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/will-i-have-to-take-a-test-before-i-cruise#florida-july
  3. Kaitlyn, did you ever get a satisfactory resolution of this?
  4. I didn't see an existing thread for this sailing, so.... Years ago, my husband wanted to do a "Mexican Riviera" cruise, but before we could book, RCCL canceled that itinerary. So when he saw it available again, he booked us. I've never done a cruise of of California before.
  5. That sucks. Someone else on the same sailing (with 2 unvaccinated kids under 12) said RCCL called them today to ask if they'd voluntarily cancel their entire reservation, offering " 100% of my previous FCC, 100% refund and 125% FCC." The feeling in the FB group for our sailing is that there are too many unvaccinated kids on our sailing so they're trying to send some of them to later sailings. If that's the case, you'd think RCCL would be doing backflips if you voluntarily removed your unvaccinated child from this sailing and would accommodate you better.
  6. I can see the page to enter info, but once I enter our info, I get the "that page has sailed on" message. Someone else in the FB group for my sailing said it's because we're too close to our sailing date. (He has already received an email stating his bid was rejected -- we're still waiting on ours.)
  7. My very first cruise was in an interior cabin. I wouldn't say I'll never do that again, but I'd prefer not to. One cabin I will say I would never book again is a cabin directly beneath Adventure Ocean -- there were constantly stomping noises coming from above.
  8. Nine days to go! Also missed by a month, but it's this month! Super excited!
  9. This is from May 2021: https://www.cntraveler.com/story/these-destinations-are-banning-certain-sunscreens
  10. I hadn't heard that about the Bahamas, but you are correct about Aruba.
  11. After the snafu with that unvaccinated woman who accidentally got a vaccinated wristband and then later tested positive and posted a bunch of videos blasting RCCL for it, I think they have to be safe rather than sorry. If you are vaccinated, the email doesn't apply to you, just ignore it.
  12. The sad thing is that RCCL has surely spent a large amount of money on attorneys' fees, cost, etc. to defend this, even though it was not RCCL's fault.
  13. In his defense, I assume he works very long hours. But on the other hand, if he wants to one day to be a paid content creator (as he said in a recent video), he should probably interact more with his viewers when they make comments and ask questions.
  14. I haven't, but I have seen other people complaining about this.
  15. Y'all have probably already seen Matt's blog post, but if not, Odyssey's test cruise begins today. One step closer! https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2021/07/19/odyssey-of-the-seas-begin-her-first-test-cruise-today
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