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  1. My husband, son, and I are scheduled to cruise on Odyssey next week, July 31st. My husband and I are vaccinated, our son, who’s ten, is not. After much discussion about testing protocols and restrictions, we have decided not to bring him along this time, after all. He has an irrational fear of being swabbed, and we can’t convince him otherwise. He says he just wants to stay with Grandma and Grandpa. I called Royal today to let them know he wasn’t coming, and I was told that because we were within the 100% penalty time period, we would only receive his $105 taxes and fees back and would need to switch rooms since there are only two of us now. We were in a 3-person oceanview balcony. I guess I was thinking he would fall under the Cruise with Confidence policy, but they said that only applies to cancelling the entire cruise. Does this sound correct to you all? Thank you for the advice!
  2. We haven't been able to check-in, either. I know some on the sailings that have gone in the past few weeks were not able to check-in 30 days out, either. I did get our boarding documents emailed this morning. Did you get those? That made me feel better. I am in a Facebook group for our specific sailing; this is the address, if you aren't in it yet: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1377142169351317
  3. We were also booked for Symphony in July. When I called, they were able to move us over to the July 31st sailing on Odyssey without having to pay a new deposit or fare.
  4. We are so excited to get sailing!!! Who else is going?
  5. My husband and I are booked for a July 3-10th cruise aboard Symphony of the Seas. I keep seeing that there might be mid-July cruises, but when do you think Royal will give a decision about early-July cruises? We were thinking about the Adventure of the Seas cruise from Nassau if we had to reschedule, but we would rather go on Symphony.
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