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  1. The changes are beginning 10/21. It’s in the blog post.
  2. I'm booked back to back on Explorer Dec 27 and Jan 1 and then getting on Oasis on Jan 10. Explorer's price has stayed pretty much the same. Oasis has tripled for Jan 10. I'm guessing that Explorer won't be in the re-start. I just hope that they allow me to shift booking to ship that is sailing and guarantee my price.
  3. I've noticed that Royal Caribbean has doubled the rate for some of it's cruises for the first weeks of January. I'm booked back to back on Explorer and the same. Anybody else find this odd? I think that they are going to start out with those higher price ships at the restart and ask customers who are booked on canceled trips to pay the doubled price if they still would like to sail. Any thoughts?
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