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  1. Edge is smooth. Will definitely sail again, and hoping Apex in the future.
  2. I received an email from RCL to rebook our Mar 22 cruise. We were automatically moved to the Liberty, but rebooked the cruise to sail Allure and made the move. Will be leaving from FLL.
  3. We were booked on a March 2022 cruise. It was cancelled and we were put on Liberty (which we like). Just received an email from RCL saying Allure will sail (I believe from FL) and we can get back on. We don't know the itinerary, but we can move over at the same price as originally booked. We'll jump if the itinerary is better. We'll end up with a refund if we stick with Liberty.
  4. On the Edge 22 Nov - hope the chaos is over by then.
  5. My sister-in-law has. In fact she's booked on Summit 2 Aug and they bumped her to Aqua
  6. Any update on new ship placement with the delay of Terminal 3? Allure was to home port in Galveston late 2021, but how can that happen with the Terminal 3 delay? Have reservations on an Allure cruise in Mar 2022, but that wouldn't hold together either. Also rumor that Athem could come to Galveston and use Terminal 2 with some modifications.
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