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    Chadster reacted to JLMoran in Buuilding your Itinerary   
    I'd extend my Celebrity Summit sailing to 21 days and make the following changes:
    (Day 1) Embark NJ (Day 2) Sea Day (Day 3) Halifax, NS (Day 4) Prince Edward Island (Charlottetown) (Day 5) St. John's (Day 6) Sea Day (Day 7) Sea Day (Day ? Qaqortoq, Greenland (Day 9) Prins Christian Sund (cruising day) (Day 10) Sea Day (Day 11) Reykjavik (arrive at 8 AM instead of 2 PM) (Day 12) Reykjavik (extra day) (Day 13) Reykjavik (depart at 5 PM instead of 1 PM) (Day 14) Icelandic fjord exploration along the northwest coast (Day 15) Akureyri (arrive at 8 AM instead of 11 AM, and depart at 5 PM as already scheduled) (Day 16) Sea Day (Day 17) Sea Day (Day 18) Edinburgh, Scotland (Day 19) Aberdeen, Scotland (Day 20) Sea Day (Day 21) Dublin
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    Chadster reacted to JLMoran in RCL Stock Price   
    Forgot to say this earlier. Don't try to time the bottom. You really can't, and as @loki007 said, it's going to take time to go back up anyway. IF you truly believe the price is going to keep going down for a bit, and you definitely want to buy the stock, then after setting up your brokerage account you can enter what's called a Limit Order, which is a standard type of stock order that every brokerage site offers.
    Normally when you buy a stock, you're doing what's called a Market order -- buying it immediately at whatever the current price is. When you do a Limit order, you're changing it to say, "Don't actually buy this until the price is at or below the price I've specified." Normally, that just lasts for the day; if the price doesn't hit your mark then the order is canceled.
    But you can also specify to keep the order in place until you cancel it (that is, mark it as "Good until Canceled"). That adds the rule, "If the price doesn't hit my mark today, keep this order open until it does hit my price, or I tell you to give up".
    This combo is commonly used when the price is going down steadily; just pick a price (X) that you're comfortable buying it at, and don't worry about if it's going to be the bottom or not. If you think $15 is a good price to buy, make that your Limit Price and be ready for it never to reach that. If you won't buy for a penny over $10, set that to the price and take your chances on that level. As soon as the price reaches or goes below that level, the buy takes place.
    Keep in mind that the price never changes by just a penny at a time, although most days the price doesn't change by more than a few cents at once. It could be $15.07 and then in the next second drop to $15.03, then back up $15.05, then down to $14.99. So if you set $15 as your threshold you might get it for exactly $15, but more likely it'll be for something like $14.97.
    Market fun fact side note: There's another order type called a Stop order that's often used to make sure your investment doesn't go through a particular floor without automatically selling. It's like the opposite of a Limit order, in that you say "I want to sell X number of shares when the price is at or below $Y". Those can also be kept active until canceled, and a lot of investors use those to protect themselves from a sudden drop in the market.
    I'm guessing that there's some portion of RCL investors that read the tea leaves about this pandemic and put in a lot of Stop orders to auto-sell their RCL when it dropped below marker values like $100, $80, $60, etc. In a free-falling market like this one, those Stop orders trigger so fast and sell off so much at once that they actually can make the situation worse for a time, artificially dropping the price like a rock depending on how many of those orders got triggered all at once.
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    Chadster reacted to Lovetocruise2002 in RCL Stock Price   
    And this is where I checked out...??
    Back to checking prices...
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    Chadster reacted to Vancity Cruiser in What will happen if Royal Caribbean goes bankrupt.   
    I think many people would be shocked at how close to the line many large corporations operate. The assumption is that because they have millions (or even billions) in assets they are well off and secure. (I used to be one of those people who made this assumption). That is not always the case. A lot of time more assets just mean more debt and overhead and just like the average American with their nice house and nice cars (and all their debt) missing a couple paychecks could break them. I don't know if that is the case with RC (and I hope it isn't) but its always a possibility.
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    Chadster reacted to VACruiser in RCL Stock Price   
    The old adage goes - don’t try and catch a falling knife because it will cut you.
    Wait until it stabilizes along support levels which it blew through all the support levels so there really isn’t any left. It’s in free fall with daily trading at five - six times its normal volume. That’s never a good sign on the falling side. Lots of sellers and few buyers around.
    Be careful at the moment with money that you need. If it’s disposable income and you want to try, than by all means go for it.  We are not done with this situation and April 10th can come  and go quickly without resumption of cruises. Be wary if you are a new investor. 
    I thought $30 was going to be a support level but it went right past and never stopped on it’s decline. 
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    Chadster reacted to HeWhoWaits in Bermuda Effectively Closed to Tourists   
    Hoping that both Baltimore and Bermuda are open for business in time for our May 9 Grandeur sailing to happen.
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    Chadster reacted to JLMoran in Canada Ports Closed Until July 1   
    Just heard on the Cruise Radio News podcast that the Bermuda Tourism Authority has announced that it's suspended cruise ship operations until April 14, but could go longer. So far, 9 sailings have been canceled because of this.
    So that makes altering a CA/NE cruise to a Bermuda sailing a lot less likely. ? 
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    Chadster got a reaction from Fireman973 in Reality?   
    I have one planned for either June or July, but if neither of those are a go, I've got a Christmas cruise to look forward to!
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    Chadster reacted to Lovetocruise2002 in Upgrading?   
    That is exactly what I do. I watch prices regularly and once it falls to a price I am comfortable with, I will call and switch cabins. Usually, this happens after final payment around the 45-60 day mark.  That is what I have noticed in the past. 
    Royal Up is another option but IMO, not a great one since the bid options don’t always reflect actual inventory. 
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    Chadster got a reaction from WAAAYTOOO in Upgrading?   
    Same advice from me -- I've worked my way up from an interior to an aft balcony, and I'm waiting to hear about a hopeful bump up to aft-facing junior suite. I wanna be prepared in case the trip goes ahead!
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    Chadster reacted to jaullram in Anthem of the Seas Star Class March 8 - 15, 2020   
    Not a live blog but posting details of our Anthem of the Seas Star class experience under live blog section of the website. Come check it out if you have any questions about the ship or Star class on Anthem.  I will be posting all 7 days of our experience!  I figure in these times of no cruises some fun pictures will be an enjoyable distraction!
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    Chadster reacted to Lovetocruise2002 in I think we will be cruising by May   
    I’m with @Neesa on this one. I have 4 other sailings booked for this year starting in July. With all the negative news around us, these boards, and the hope of cruising again, is something that many of us are looking forward to. Great for mental health in the midst of all this social distancing and doom & gloom. While I am not oblivious to what is going on around us, I choose to remain positive through all this. ?
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    Chadster got a reaction from Royal Cruiser in Future Cruise Credit (FCC) question   
    Just in case someone finds themselves in a situation similar to what I encountered and have now deciphered with help of the travel agency I booked a now-cancelled cruise with:
    The cruise is scheduled for May 4 to Canada/New England. I cancelled under "Cruise With Confidence" last weekend (March 7, just after they announced Cruise With Confidence) because I decided I'd delay my trip until June and also change ships while I was at it. When I cancelled, I was in the 50% forfeiture period (I think I was at 68 days). So, 5 business days after cancellation, I got a refund for the taxes, prepaid gratuities, and 50% of my cruise fare back to my card. The remaining 50% of my cruise fare will be refunded to an FCC, which I will get, well...whenever I get it.
    It took me a while to wrap my head around the math, and I just wanted to share this with people in case they're initially perplexed like I am -- which, admittedly doesn't take much! ?
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    Chadster reacted to JLMoran in You Know It's Getting Bad When......   
    I hear ya! In my case, wife went to grocery store on Friday while I hit the liquor store a couple hours later. Good thing I like unpopular beer! ?

    Ignore the boxes. That’s a case of Weyerbacher’s Merry Monks tripel, a 4-pack of Weyerbacher’s Tiny imperial stout, and a six-pack of Tröegs Tröegenator doppel Bock. Plus 3 bottles of Zinfandel to bolster the three still at home.
    What’s with those stares? They said we needed supplies for two weeks!
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    Chadster reacted to Knevlett in You Know It's Getting Bad When......   
    Toilet paper manufacturers...

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    Chadster reacted to AshleyDillo in Future Cruise Credit (FCC) question   
    They changed the Cruise with Confidence policy shortly after they announced it to where you could either get the 100% FCC or take the 50% penalty and get the rest refunded in cash like before the Cruise with Confidence policy existed.  Prior to the change they stated you would be an FCC equal to the penalty amount if you canceled, thus a 50% refund and a 50% FCC.
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    Chadster got a reaction from YOLO in How I'll Cruise Differently After Covid-19   
    Get a bunch of those little hotel-sized soaps or small bottles of hand sanitizer and throw them at people like you're riding on a parade float and throwing beads or candy!
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    Chadster reacted to princevaliantus in All The Ships Anchored Off Of Florida ...   
    Thought I'd share:

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    Chadster got a reaction from sabarwolf in Something to sing along to while you wash your hands!   
    You apparently aren't the only one!
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    Chadster got a reaction from HeWhoWaits in How I'll Cruise Differently After Covid-19   
    Get a bunch of those little hotel-sized soaps or small bottles of hand sanitizer and throw them at people like you're riding on a parade float and throwing beads or candy!
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    Chadster reacted to RCVoyager in Loyal to Royal (for now), but NOW Carnival is REALLY TAKING CARE OF THEIR CUSTOMERS!   
    Update from Carnival just came in:  We booked the Breeze after we were allowed to change our trip for free but before Carnival ceased operations.  I figured we were out the $1200 in OBC (2 staterooms @ $600 each).  I just received the email that we get the credit anyway.  I just applied for it.  Carnival just handed us $1200 we didn't expect.
    Again, I am partial to both RCCL and Carnival.  I know some on here have no use for Carnival, but they stepped up to the plate for us... and the Breeze is a really nice ship.
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    Chadster got a reaction from Lovetocruise2002 in Canada Ports Closed Until July 1   
    Yep! ? The June 4 sailing is still my first choice, but if need be, I'll enjoy a balcony in July instead!
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    Chadster reacted to Lovetocruise2002 in Canada Ports Closed Until July 1   
    July 15th? That’s the one that we are currently booked on.
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