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  1. Just got an email today stating they would not accept self administered tests for transatlantic sailings....

    "Accepted Tests 
    Guests can take advantage of telehealth antigen tests to satisfy their pre-cruise requirement. Proof of a negative test can be the printed or digital results. Unsupervised self-tests will not be accepted for transatlantic sailings. To learn more about our accepted tests, "


  2. We found a similar situation on Serenade of the Seas a few weeks ago. MTD line with reservations was very long at least 40-60 min for some people to get a table, lots of shortages and many bars closed because they had half the bar staff on board. The crew did an amazing job but I felt they were overworked and the managers and top officers were pitching in to help reset tables etc. We had an amazing 3 weeks aboard but maybe the solution would be to not load the ships up so much....maybe at 70% capacity.

    I hope they are able to get more staff as the ones on board were being worked quite hard.

  3. We recently got off the Serenade of the Seas and I think you should be fine. Your flying from TO so no issues at the airport with immigration or COVID tests and if you take the Skytrain(30min) to the port you should be able to get to the port with lots of time. Boarding does not start until 11am but the norm is a small delay so maybe noon. Assuming your flight is not delayed you will be sitting in the Vancouver port waiting to board the ship before noon.

    Enjoy your cruise.

  4. We cruise quite a bit so I make a lot of calls regarding repricing and normally I have not had any issues until a few weeks ago. I had 2 cruises booked thru the Casino (still RC) but when I called about new price the casino agent told me he did not have the same price as I was seeing on the RC website (I do a mock booking with same conditions to confirm the lower price) I kept insisting so he said that he would pass the information to his supervisor and in 24 it would be resolved. I called the next day and the new agent told me that she could see I spoke with the other agent regarding the price drop but no info on pricing or anything...I asked to speak with a supervisor and they told me that they checked and the price today was higher than what I paid so they could do nothing....

    I was quite mad as between the 2 bookings the reduction was over $560US. I did not take a screen capture of the price drop because the first agent assured me it would be resolved in 24 hours...big mistake....it wont happen again.

  5. Another advantage to booking thru RC Air2Sea is they get you to the ship...if the flight was cancelled or changed they make arrangements to get you to the ship. This is especially handy if the cruise ship is late getting back into port and you are going to miss your flight home. They will rebook you before you even know there was a problem.

  6. 14 minutes ago, Reigert2008 said:

    I would double check the testing requirements, I think everyone needs to be tested regardless of cruise length.






    Yes I was under the impression that the testing is for every cruise. Not sure where I saw the that 3 day cruises did not require it....

    Royal offer the test free so we were going to get it anyways just in case.

  7. Not sure the ships test will work with the new 2 day requirement. If they tested you on Friday you would be OK but they will test you on Thursday...so you will not qualify unless they have a special exemption for B2B. (Maybe you will be able to get a test that morning before you disembark...but I would doubt it....)

    We leave the Oasis on Dec 12th and fly to LA to board the Navigator on the 13th...but because our first cruise on the Navigator is only 3 days I think they don't require a Covid test to board....I think we will ask to a test on Oasis just in case.

  8. 1 hour ago, Va4fam said:

    I understand the criteria for the double points but have a scenario that I'm not sure of.


    Booked a January 2023 cruise before the September 30th deadline.   What happens if we move the cruise to 2022, would it qualify for double points?


    If you booked a refundable booking you can make changes to the sailing date, ship and category but if you booked a non refundable you can't change the sailing date...  so you will have to cancel the booking and lose the deposit and rebook.

  9. I can attest to false positive, 6 months ago I tested positive and my wife negative before a flight...luckily we had time and I went to get another test at another lab and this time I was negative. Just to be 100% sure I did a 3rd test and I was again negative.

    So obviously the first test was wrong....


    I know that on Royal ships if your Antigen test is positive they do a second PCR test to confirm. This would be if you were back 2 back as a test is required for the next sailing.

  10. 9 hours ago, YOLO said:

    So, is your recommendation when sending in the "Shareholder Onboard Credit Request Form" PDF to submit one for each cruise?  Since the form says "Reservation number/s:" I wondered if one form would work for 4 different (not B2B or SbS) cruises...

    I only do 2 bookings at once now. In the past I did one with 3 but they only did 2 of them so had to resubmit the forgotten/missed booking.

  11. On 10/28/2021 at 12:01 PM, Reigert2008 said:

    I would never pay off my cruise until the last possible moment (maybe a day early 🙂.  Price drops could still occur and then you would get OBC instead of the lower price.  

    This is not the case, even if you pay off your cruise if there is a price drop and you claim it and it's before final payment you will receive it as a credit on your CC (the one you used to pay for your cruise) The RC agent has no control over this, the system will either process a refund or OBC depending on final payment date.

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