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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to Balsam in Smoking in Casino   
    Very interesting topic... I'm an ex-smoker (about 8 years now), however people smoking around me has never been an issue.

    On our last Voyager cruise out of Singapore, I visited the casino quite a few times. My partner ( another ex-smoker, but she now hates smoke) did not visit anywhere as much as I did.

    The smoke didn't put me off, however, by about day four, I had developed a cough. Didn't think much of it until my partner suggested it may be due to all the smoke in the casino.

    Didn't visit the casino for the next two days and the cough disappeared.

    Our next cruise is Radiance out of Sydney, so there is no smoking in the casino, and I'm actually very happy about that idea. All land based casinos in Australia have been non smoking for many years, and none of them have gone out of business.

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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to twangster in Who would ever let go of your child, even if there was no glass there?   
    If someone leaves their infant in a locked car and that child dies in the heat they will likely face charges.  They could be convicted or not.  If convicted they will face sentencing that can take into account the impact that has already occurred to everyone involved.  Some jurisdictions have minimum sentences and in some cases the court process can render a sentence deemed appropriate.  That could be a slap on wrist or incarceration.  
    As parents our children are our responsibility.  Sometimes bad things happen that are out of our control.  That's not the case here.  When someone plays a role that results in death regardless if it's their own family or a stranger, it warrants a trial.  An investigator or district attorney should not solely be responsible to decide if that person has suffered enough or the level of guilt involved.  Sometimes a DA might decide there isn't enough evidence and a trial is not warranted.  That's not the case here.  No DA should become a judge and decide the extent of their suffering.  Let the court do that.
    In this case he has refused to accept any responsibility.  "Not my fault, someone else left the window open".  That may have a played a factor in deciding to pursue charges since he apparently feels no guilt.  He claims no responsibility and refuses to accept he did anything wrong.  His family has taken the same position resulting in the lawsuit against the company.
    If nothing else perhaps the trial will wake them up to the fact that his actions resulted in a loss of life.  
    He needs to realize he did this, not the person who opened the window and not the company because they have windows.  
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to Atlantix2000 in Who would ever let go of your child, even if there was no glass there?   
    He's been charged, that doesn't mean he'll be convicted.  A jury of his peers can very easily choose not to convict based on lack of intent and compassion for his grief.
    The other thing these charges mean is that the family's lawsuit against Royal is not likely to go anywhere since the police are clearly placing the blame on the grandfather not the cruise line.
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to cookie10* in Diamond lounge dress code?   
    Over the last couple of years the dress in the lounges has gotten really really bad and from some of the aforementioned comment they were some of the offenders.. Its Smart Casual.  But Royal isn't and hasn't done anything to stop or slow it down. On our last cruise we had multicable adults and teenagers in the lounge during the evening in swim wear, bare feet… Yes we are all on vacation but we should be able to honor the rules and accept that the lounges aren't your living room!!!!
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to twangster in Diamond lounge dress code?   
    Many DL do post a dress code for evening hours.  This can vary by ship though.  It is usually written on the diamond welcome letter in your cabin.  Here is a recent one:

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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to rjac in Guide to Chair Hogs   
    Actually, Cookie10*, you are the one who is unreal. You have a total disregard for the RC pool rule of "no reserving deck chairs/loungers" as well as total lack of respect for fellow cruisers. My question for you is, what makes you so special? 
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Guide to Chair Hogs   
    Let’s add against the rules to that list...
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to Fuzzywuzzy in Guide to Chair Hogs   
    Everything you just said only reinforces why so many people find such conduct to be selfish, self-centered, boorish, and classless.... not to mention rude. 


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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to Hoski in Guide to Chair Hogs   
    Lucky for us we saw very few chair hogs on the Anthem last week.  The one I noticed was two older gentlemen staking out the whole front row of chairs and then walking away.  One thing we saw was people violating the no swim diaper rule.  Mom wasn't hiding it and lifeguard wasn't doing anything about it.  Yuck
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to twangster in Guide to Chair Hogs   
    I like to help the greater cruise community.  
    I find a chair for myself that is available.  Then as I have observed an area for a while, I move chair hog stuff and return to my chair.  Some innocent person comes along and starts using the now empty chair.    Chair hog returns and confronts innocent person who can honestly claim they didn't do it, the chair was unused.  
    Walking to breakfast if I notice a series of hogged chairs that are still hogged when I return from breakfast I grab the towel and drop it off somewhere.   Chair is freed up. 
    I consider it a community service.  
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to Barbara Hidalgo in Guide to Chair Hogs   
    On Serenade of the Seas, a crew member would walk around and any unused hogged chairs, he would fold up their belongings, put them at end of chair, wait 30 minutes, if no one returned, items would be taken to towel station.
    yes, people were pissed, but only fair. We watched this go on the whole cruise, tipped the crew member $50!!! Well worth it!!
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to GrandPa in Guide to Chair Hogs   
    15 or 20 minutes talking with a couple of people in the pool.  Had she said "oh, sorry" or something I wouldn't had hard feelings.  It was the way she threw the towel down.  Ha ha though, after she left, I got out and gave my chair to someone else looking for one.
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to wsyrob in Guide to Chair Hogs   
    I wouldn't think a time limit would apply if you are close enough to monitor it. To me that's not chair hogging. The chair hog is nowhere to be found for long periods of time.
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    CoupleOfCruisers got a reaction from carlosalonsor in Who would ever let go of your child, even if there was no glass there?   
    No they charged him with negligent manslaughter which seems appropriate. 
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to sulross in Guide to Chair Hogs   
    I don't even go where kids would be, so having parents taking kids into pool, or lunch or anything about kids would not affect me.  I go to solarium or adult place and if crowded I can usually tell by observing for a while who is going to return.  If there are purses, bags, shoes or something obvious like that I tend to leave alone, but if just a towel, after a while, it is fair game and I move it.  Have never had someone come up and say you are in my seat. 
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to twangster in Which suite would you choose, and why?   
    I like the brand of toothpaste the guy or gal in the forward suite was using in the video so I’d go with the forward one.  
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to bretts173 in Smoking in Casino   
    Last cruise I was sat next to a loud drunk obnoxious Texan who was smoking (which is fine). What was not fine was that he was continually blowing smoke towards me and my face. I asked him to stop politely and so did the staff. Next time he did it I poured the rest of my drink on him. When he complained I said you wanted to share your cigar I wanted to share my drink. He was escorted out and the staff got me another drink.
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to Louvanh in Smoking in Casino   
    The question that always confuses me. Reading that people who smoke in the US is at 14%. So why do the remaining 86% of us have to tolerate second hand smoke or skip a venue because of the heavy smoke that pours out of a casino. When Illinois went non smoking all you heard was bars and night spots would go out of business because of smoking ban. Yeah right their business suffered no side effects and in some cases doubled. So Royal needs to follow Celebrity and kick smoking off of cruise ships. 
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to Shari in Passenger caught on ocean side of Allure balcony .... 10/13 sailing   
    This is not fake news.  The person first posted on FB and was told to report her.  He showed the picture to RCCL staff and they figured out which cabin she was in.  They confronted her and then she was ordered to stay in her cabin until the next port.  She was escorted off of the Allure in Nassau Bahamas this morning and is permanently banned from any RCL (corporate wide) ship.
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to PG Cruiser in Passenger caught on ocean side of Allure balcony .... 10/13 sailing   
    If the unthinkable happened to this woman, her family would hire a lawyer to ask, "Why would there be an unsecured area on a balcony where people can fall off?" Why would you have the danger without any warning, sign, or notice?”  (I'm looking at you, Mr Winkleman)
    Then people who know nothing about cruising would rant all over social media demanding Royal to put up barriers on open decks and balconies!
    The family would post pictures of her hanging from monkey bars saying how much she loved doing it.

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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to rjac in What board games would you bring on a cruise?   
    Board games? Why bring a board game when you can have a drink package?
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to FoxboroCruiser in Non-smoking Ship   
    I smoked for 17 years and always promised myself I wouldn't be a hypocrite when it came to banning it.  That said, even in the late 90's it was banned in-doors in many places and it's amazing to me that 20 years later that ships still allow it in the casino's.  I guess they may know better, but it seems to me that non-smokers that won't subject themselves to it far outnumber smokers so aren't you possibly LOSING casino business by allowing it more than you are gaining by permitting them to smoke in the casino?  The Empress casino is smoke free and it didn't seem to be hurting the traffic at all, it was busy in there all the time.
    The smoking area on the Empress was behind Bolero's and I spent a decent amount of time there, love the aft view, and the smoke was never an issue. You could smell it, but it wasn't difficult to get away from and still enjoy the space/view.   I do like a good cigar on occasion, especially on vacation, but am fine doing it outdoors, in-fact I prefer it.
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to bhageerah in Has anyone had a cabin here?   
    I would GLADLY take that room!  You guys are going to have an absolutely gorgeous view!!! I think you owe the person that gave you that room a free lunch!😁
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Has anyone had a cabin here?   
    Actually, those aft cabins are highly prized.  I think you scored a winner !  Yes, there is superstructure that blocks some of the views but in most cases (all, if I am not mistaken), the balconies on those aft rooms are giant.  I think you may have a stumbled onto a real bonus.
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    CoupleOfCruisers reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Drink packages increase for 2019/2020 sailings   
    Agree completely with this !!
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