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  1. Doing this with my Son sister and brother in law. Hope there is someplace to sit and ride on the boat since I am not as young as I once was. In St Thomas we rented a driver and van for the day to see the sights. Worked out to about $20 more for the 7 of us than if we took the Royal sight seeing shopping beach excursion and can go anywhere we want. https://www.davidsfuntours.com/
  2. FYI after reading more the public beach in that area is clothing optional. Not so much when cruise ships are there but still a possibility if you are bringing the kids.
  3. We are also on HOS in late June. I found this place. Looks pretty cool. Restaurant/Bar with chair and umbrella rentals. I believe the green umbrellas pics are most recent after thr rebuild from the hurricane. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g1073588-d1046930-Reviews-Bikini_Beach-Orient_Bay_Saint_Martin_St_Martin_St_Maarten.html
  4. We were on Oasis last year for the Super Bowl. They had it in the Opal theater and had a bar setup and nacho type food. It was fun until the bartender mixed up my seapass card with another cruisers and gave me the wrong card back. Didn't notice it until I went to get another beer. Wound up spending half the game in a guest services line getting that fixed.
  5. Anybody done this First Night done right on Oasis recently? We did it in Feb 2017 and it was great. They had just started it. We had a card in our room saying Giovanni's. As I was about to leave to try and change it to Chops the phone rang. It was a Guest services agent who asked if we wanted 150. Rather than hassle with it I said yes knowing it was one of the most expensive options and we had a very nice meal and the bill at the end said $0.00 We are going on Oasis again in Feb and other than the price increase is there anything we should know? Would like to try Chops this time.
  6. This is counter to what Wilson posted above but RCL phone operators often don't know about stuff. Any idea how long after booking you can redeem this. I am at 70K playing sporadically. Where did you find the Casino Royale contact info?
  7. My son is 23. Beers were fine. Just tap on the pull tab a few times to knock the foam down.
  8. I always made a beer run before retiring to my balcony for the night. I would take my wife's and sons seapass and get 3 beers from 2 dirrerent bars. Those corona cans were real nice. I could get a 6 pack in my pockets. The bartenders had no problem giving me 3 unopened beers.
  9. That is disappointing but also pretty typical. No such thing as a free lunch. I was aiming for that 200,000 point redemption. Maybe they will work for a hotel room in Gulfport or Biloxi before a cruise out of New Orleans.
  10. That's good advice. I have been playing since Feb 1 and have amassed 21,000 points in 3 weeks. I drive a chemical tanker and often find myself at shippers and receivers sitting in a break room for a couple of hours while they load or unload my truck. This game is perfect for killing time there and in truck stops, I am a bit concerned about redeeming them for on-board credit though. If RCI doesn't honor the current sale promotion when I book a new cruise it very well could be a wash. It might be best used for one of the short 3-4 day cruises where $250 in OBC is a higher percentage of t
  11. I started playing this game Wednesday night on my phone. I am up to 5000 reward coins in 3 days. I do believe some onboard credit is in my future. Auto spin is your friend. I played for 3 hours last night at my brother in laws house in Cape Canaveral last night with the phone on my leg spinning away out by the fire pit and pool. You do not have to be engaged at all. Just tap a button every once in a while when you sense movement stop. It does use some data though. 715 Mbps last night on wifi.
  12. Its a contemporary Christian radio network. http://klovecruise.com/
  13. You got that right. Just another example of the selfish me first attitudes so prevalent in society today.
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