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  1. Dare I ask , but has anyone cruised MSC line before? pros, cons, comparisons to RCL? Family member is trying to plan a "family" cruise and has suggested MSC for the price. It's the only line they cruise with
  2. We were just on Allure in a balcony room with 3 and it was tight. Even if you all fit for sleeping arrangements, there's barely enough storage for your belongings
  3. If kids, teenagers. Which one would be closest to Oasis class? Husband has only been on Oasis class (ever) and I know he wants to take his side of the family now and show them all of the same cool things. I guess we could still do Allure, Harmony is out of my budget, but we do like the itineraries for the smaller ships better
  4. Looking at booking our next cruise and we've only been on Oasis class ships thus far, but looking at some of the shorter sailings out of Ft. Lauderdale. What are the main differences between Adventure, Freedom and Serenade? Would you have a preference of one over based on ship only?
  5. nice! They were actually very quick to send the statement-less than 30 minutes from my e-request! So I think instead of crediting my account for the canceled reservation they actually charged it...hopefully this gets resolved quickly! ...and yes my arcade bill was almost $100! lol
  6. so theyre looking to see if you brought fruit into the country?
  7. It was fantastic and worth every penny!! So when we got off the ship we had to get on a ferry to Playa del Carmen. If you get the least bit sea sick, take something before you get on!! So many people (including my hubby) lost or almost tossed their cookies on the way over! The staff even has little green barf bags in their pockets and were handing them out like candy lol Then you meet up with your group and take a 15 min walk to where the buses are lined up and another 15 min ride to the park. We got off the boat at 8:30am and didn't walk into the park until 10:30am, but we got to stay un
  8. haha I actually like the triangle hash browns! The food on Mexican night in the WJ was actually much better than what we had at Sabor and I would classify the WJ's interpretation of Mexican as definitely Americanized. The food in concept sounded delicious at Sabor, but it just didn't deliver IMO. I felt the same about the food in the MDR too. Sounded good, but ended up being underwhelming. Now the food in Chops...delicious!!
  9. We brought on a whole box of leftovers from Jamaica with no problem, but i had to throw away my rum punch cup before boarding... We also took smoothies off the boat in Cozumel with no problem and when we got in line for the ferry there was port security with a dog. Not sure what he was sniffing for (drugs, bombs, etc) but he sure sniffed out some lady's sandwich she stuffed in her bag!
  10. Did you win the charge dispute? I have a feeling a lot of the bill are arcade charges, but they were also supposed to credit my account for some specialty dining cancellations and i want to make sure those went through
  11. I forgot to get my cabin statement before leaving and just checked my credit card bill and yikes! Will RC send me an itemized bill if I request it?
  12. Thanks! Anyone have any experience with cruise.com? They are local and that's who my dad used to book this one
  13. Even better...as we were walking off the ship past the table of confiscated items-among all of the power strips and liquor, there was a toaster oven!!
  14. On Oasis class ships I believe the ambiance is more "authentic" and that didn't bother me so much
  15. I know Sabor is a site favorite which is why I'm so sad that I have to give it a negative review! We actually switched our Giovanni's reservation to Sabor because it looked like hubby would like more things on the menu. I don't know if they were just having an off night or if it's because we are used to more authentic Mexican flavors...but we sadly sent everything back and they comped us our meal. I will say the service was excellent as the manager came over when our waiter saw we didn't really eat anything and then offered to get us something else which we declined and then he co
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