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  1. Just got back and we were a family of 6 and took a private transfer which was 170 Euros. For 6 people that was well worth it, as they picked you up from your hotel, and dropped you off literally where you walk in and drop your luggage off. Just depends on what you want to spend and if you are comfortable with the multiple walking and transfers by taking the train.
  2. Thanks for the tip, that is definitely useful! Great room! Love that bay seat! Do they have pullman beds in there and is the sofa a bed as well? Cheers!
  3. OH and if anyone has any recommendations for particular rooms that would be great!
  4. My understanding is that all rooms are tight and small and lack much room if any for your luggage. That has been my experience on the smaller ships from RCI. I think , and others can confirm, the only rooms that have more room would be when you start getting into suites, but that is a price point that is much higher, or at least too high for my budge. Was wondering if anyone has any experience on the largest rooms on the Oasis class (Allure particularly) without jumping to the suites.
  5. Hi, We are a family of 4, looking to book a cruise on the Allure of the Seas. So far we have been quoted for an ocean view balcony and interior stateroom. The price difference between the two rooms for us is $700. For those that have been on the ship or Oasis class ships, is the amount worth it in the sense of actual room? I know the difference and pluses of a balcony, but we are considering it just on the basis of the room size. Any thoughts or experience? Other suggestions? Thanks!
  6. IN the dining room are you allowed to order multiple dishes? For example, can you get two appetizers,, two mains if you really wanted?
  7. So no lobster, and dress is all over the place then! So a suit with bowtie to dress it up would fit in then? Wanted to minimize the packing and not have to take a tux and a suit. Cheers!
  8. Hi there! Was wondering if anyone knows if there are any formal nights on the Scandavian & Russian Cruise (Serenade of the Seas - July'17). There is only one night that the ship is at sea and wanted to know if they have one or if it is the normal dining every night. With all the changes in restaurants on board the ships now, wasn't sure if they still did them and wanted to pack appropriately for the trip! Thanks!
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