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  1. Voyager for 2021, Quantum for 2020. I wonder where if Voyager will also head West this summer after the Australian season with everything happening in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Shanghai (all three of Voyager's planned homeports)...
  2. The worrying part is that they only had around 30 test kits so of those 30, 10 tested positive for the Coronavirus. Realistically, numbers would be close to at least 100.
  3. I think you will be fine letting them free around the ship and having certain times of day (meal time for example) to meet back up. Royal tends to be very good in terms of security with sending kids to their rooms after curfew, ensuring they don’t dwell in secluded areas, and not letting them ashore without a guardian.
  4. They haven’t released any details regarding the amp but Voyager is going in for another drydock where they will improve on the Amplification in Singapore in 2021 before she is rumored to head to California.
  5. You will have complete access to both Silver and Gold areas of the ship, as well as all the suite perks. The Golden Suites Program may not be RSC but it is really special and you’ll have a great time.
  6. The Golden Suite benefits are a lot better in reality than on paper. The concierges are almost like genies in certain contexts and they make sure that international (non-Chinese) guests get treated like royalty. For example, we were the only international Gold Suite guests during my sailing so we got private bridge tours and more. Also, Golden Dining is different to CK but is also better in some ways like the fact that you can get the filet every night (with foie gras) and the ambience is a lot better than where it usually is on Q class.
  7. The OP is looking at JS’s on Navigator and Empress so there is no Coastal Kitchen nor WOW Bands
  8. Anthem and Ovation both have escape rooms and Spectrum has laser tag so nothing is new to the Quantum class.
  9. They usually don’t check bags off the ship at ports so I guess you could bring drinks off but you would not be able to bring any leftover drinks back onboard. However, if it isn’t too expensive, just buy a couple drinks while at port. It will be more convenient and you can support the local economy in a small way.
  10. In my opinion, there is nothing to worry about. Quantum may be stationed in Asia, but as you are doing a repositioning cruise, there will be a much higher percentage of international guests onboard. English is also always the first language on any RCCL ship so not all the crew will know Chinese, but all of them will know fluent English. Also on Quantum class, all of the rooms are quiet and the area you are referring to on Deck 12 is where the Officer cabins and the bridge are so I wouldn't worry about any sound. The only inconvenience I can see would be the far walk from the elevators, but tha
  11. For Quantum, unless you have a GS or above, there is a charge for North Star (USD 20 pp for the normal experience, USD 40 pp for the extended session) and reservations will sometimes open up in the Cruise Planner, but not always. If you choose to do it, reserve a session on the app or at the iPad kiosks onboard.
  12. @Noonstar I am thinking of booking a Grand Loft on Quantum out of Singapore in April 2020. Could you please ask until when Star Class will be available on Quantum as I am getting different answers from RC and post a review of your SC experience after your cruise? Thanks. I would love to book it as if it’s quite affordable. Thanks
  13. La Patisserie is not a restaurant. It is a cafe selling specialty coffees and upcharge cupcakes and chocolates. If you have the Refreshment, or Deluxe Beverage Package, you can get drinks there but no packages cover any food items at La Patisserie unless you are in a Star Class suite.
  14. On Ovation, there are reports saying that the UDP has been accepted at Fish & Ships, as well as food in the pub. Also, it is under the list of restaurants included with the UDP on Royal's website (https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/what-restaurants-are-included-in-the-unlimited-dining-package) which means you will get a $35 food credit for each visit. Fish & Ships on Ovation has not only upcharge items like the halibut and lobster, but complementary options including normal fish & chips.
  15. After the amplification, Oasis will have a new shorter 90-minute version of Cats without an intermission.
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