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  1. am i able to bring unopened drinks onto islands that we stop at? eg. cans of soft drink (pop), beer, etc as i can imagine it will be annoying to have to tender back over to grab a drink! for reference it will be Mystery island and Noumea :)
  2. my partner and i both have the deluxe package, just wondering if the bar will serve one of us if we bring both sea pass's & order one drink on each? will save us both having to go to a bar if we are in the stateroom & want a drink, or if one of us goes to get coffee in the morning. thanks!! 😊
  3. i have had a lot of trouble finding out what pre mix drinks are available on board. i was wondering if anyone has a list or even if they can remember any from previous cruises? all i can remember is Smirnoff ice's.
  4. Hello all! i got stung on my first cruise & bought my duty free alcohol on the ship, before realizing it is cheaper on ports. i was just wondering if anyone knows the best duty free places to go to in Noumea? cheapest & preferably the closer to the port the better as this will be the only reason why i disembark in this island.:)
  5. hi guys! my cruise is fast approaching and im just wondering if bars have frozen drinks? eg. frozen Margarita, and if so, is it all bars or only certain ones? what ones? thanks in advance!
  6. help needed! on my first cruise i did not purchase the package but did indulge in many premix drinks (eg. smirnoff ice) and came to the decision that i should definitely buy the package this time. i was just wondering, are drinks like that included in the package or is just cocktails, beers, spirits, etc..
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