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  1. Got my upgrade to Crown Loft too. Very happy. Now to find out which suite. Hang in there SpeedNoodles it is all going to work out.
  2. I hope you get what you want. We will be happy with the upgrade any location. Hope to hear soon. I'm finding it hard to get my work done checking for the Royal Up Fairy so often.
  3. Anyone due a crystal block this cruise? I think we get our first this trip.
  4. I think RCCL now offers a test at the port on embarkation day. I think the cost is around $99 per person. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2021/09/27/royal-caribbean-will-now-offer-limited-covid-19-testing-the-cruise-terminal-embarkation
  5. Time to start packing. I've got to get the luggage down tonight. I'm waiting to print my tags in hopes the Royal Up Fairy will visit in the next day or two. See y'all soon.
  6. You better get this fixed! How are we supposed to be Crown Loft Suite neighbors if you cannot get this fixed?
  7. #5 Yee Ha, Allure of the Seas following Hurricane Sandy up the East Coast of Florida on the last night of the cruise. Captain kept the ship into the wind and waves. No roll to the ship, only up and down motion as we climbed over the waves and went down the other side. Our cabins were starboard forward deck seven at the forward stairs. We had sea spray up and over our balcony. The ship moaned and groaned and shuttered as the force of the seas exerted pressure on the bow. Sounded like one of those old WWII submarine movies when the sub dives deep and is depth charged. It was a blast!! Kids slept right through it. The next morning as we sailed into Ft. Lauderdale the sky was cloudless and a beautiful blue and the ocean was like glass.
  8. Excited to see we maybe able to view a Space launch the morning of 30 Oct. https://www.kennedyspacecenter.com/launches-and-events/events-calendar/2021/october/rocket-launch-commercial-crew-spacex-crew-3 We should be about 100 to 150 miles off the Space Coast.
  9. Just remember "Save the Waves" and don't drop anything heavy on my head.
  10. As it is now, you are two decks directly above us. We are in 232 two decks down.
  11. Had to turn my phone off and then on to force an update. Then I was able to upload vaccine cards.
  12. Thanks for the update. I'll get on that. Was looking forward to a two bed room aquatheatre suite with a genie. Oh well.
  13. I can't modify my bid any longer on the one pending I have left.
  14. Royal Up . Most of mine posted expired today. I think I have one pending left.
  15. Under 20 days. I'm getting excited and starting to think about starting to pack.
  16. I vote for Chill Island or Harbor Beach. Close to kids splash zone, Oasis Lagoon pool, the ship and food service.
  17. Interested in info as well. I have amassed no small sum in OBC that is use it or loss it. Might as well treat myself to a new watch. I'll be on Allure in several weeks.
  18. Click on the cabin type. It will move to top of screen and to the right you will see buttons to modify or cancel your bid
  19. The minimum age might get you. Once my children did not want to be separated and the older had just aged out of the younger group. AO did allow the older to stay in the younger group with her sister.
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