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  1. You better get this fixed! How are we supposed to be Crown Loft Suite neighbors if you cannot get this fixed?
  2. #5 Yee Ha, Allure of the Seas following Hurricane Sandy up the East Coast of Florida on the last night of the cruise. Captain kept the ship into the wind and waves. No roll to the ship, only up and down motion as we climbed over the waves and went down the other side. Our cabins were starboard forward deck seven at the forward stairs. We had sea spray up and over our balcony. The ship moaned and groaned and shuttered as the force of the seas exerted pressure on the bow. Sounded like one of those old WWII submarine movies when the sub dives deep and is depth charged. It was a blast!! Kids slept right through it. The next morning as we sailed into Ft. Lauderdale the sky was cloudless and a beautiful blue and the ocean was like glass.
  3. I vote for Chill Island or Harbor Beach. Close to kids splash zone, Oasis Lagoon pool, the ship and food service.
  4. I've got 7232 in three weeks. I'll let you know how we liked it.
  5. Interested in info as well. I have amassed no small sum in OBC that is use it or loss it. Might as well treat myself to a new watch. I'll be on Allure in several weeks.
  6. Click on the cabin type. It will move to top of screen and to the right you will see buttons to modify or cancel your bid
  7. The minimum age might get you. Once my children did not want to be separated and the older had just aged out of the younger group. AO did allow the older to stay in the younger group with her sister.
  8. I tip if I use their service. My personal rule is $10-$20 for each assistance with booking entertainment, dining, shore excursions, etc,
  9. We have some very generous tippers on the forum. I am not one I am sorry to say. I would say 10% to 20% of cost of cabana is fair depending on service. Of the several cabanas I have had over the years, I can only think of twice that the service was exceptional. Most of the time I felt is was okay at best. For the current costs I expect more than I have felt I have received. Remember to bring cash to tip. I forgot once and luckily had the same attendant a year later and was able to tip him for both visit. He was the exceptional attendant I spoke of above.
  10. Two words, Adventure Ocean. My children were about 6 and 4 on their first cruise. They loved Adventure Ocean.
  11. Early with young children. Late without.
  12. I received an email last week that the 24 Oct Allure sailing lost both the Labadee and Jamaica ports of call. Replaced with Cozumel and Costa Maya.
  13. Lower deck porthole ocean view (decks 2 or 3). The view of the water rushing by made me sea sick. Had to keep the blinds closed. Every other type of room is okay.
  14. New post COVID? Last rented a tux on HOS June 2019. I had to ask on the ship the first day. They sent a tailor up to the cabin for measurements that afternoon/evening and the tux arrived the next morning. Sorry to hear. I hope they bring it back. Thanks for the update.
  15. Check in this morning for 24 Oct. sailing on AOS. Got a 1 pm check in.
  16. You can rent a tux on the ship and shoes.
  17. Enchantment of the Seas, 1999, 7 night Western Caribbean out of Miami.
  18. Our ceremony was in the Viking Crown Lounge area. An assistant to the cruise director handle all the on board coordination and conducted the ceremony. We were her first wedding and she was excited to add us to her resume'. We took pictures at various locations on the ship, including the one above on the helo-pad as the ship was approaching Hubbard Glacier.
  19. You can go through Royal and they will provide an officer and venue for the renewal ceremony. All this costs a pretty penny. We renewed on Radiance during an Alaskan cruise in 2017. Royal did a great job. A couple came right after us who had not used Royal but used their own official and our venue and decorations for a short ceremony. Lucky for them. You could do the same without going through Royal. [email protected] or 1-888-WED-RCCL. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/plan-a-cruise/cruise-weddings https://www.royalcaribbean.com/content/dam/royal/resources/pdf/royal-weddings-brochure.pdf
  20. When can one expect the boarding times to open up for selection?
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