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    SpeedNoodles reacted to Floski in We Still Do – Vow Renewal on Harmony - 1/26/20 – 2/2/20   
    Congratulations, pal!
    I'm super excited for you and your lovely.  Y'all (youse?  Youns?) are gonna have a great time!
    And if you need another family member, I can get there in 6 hours, cuz.
    Have fun!
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    SpeedNoodles got a reaction from KristiZ in Symphony of the Seas - an island is an island is an island? (Feb 22 - 29, 2020)   
    Since we’re officially 4 weeks away from our cruise I thought it was an appropriate time to start the blog? (No? Meh, I’m going with it anyway).
    I never expected to book a cruise like this with Mr SpeedNoodles.  He’s more into the “culturally enriching and/or scenic” sort of cruises.  He wasn’t really thrilled about booking a cruise to the Caribbean because “they’re just islands - what is there to see that’s different from the next island?”.  Plus, he’s a small-ship guy.  He likes being able to walk around that outside Promenade level and visiting the helipad.  He likes that connection to the sea.
    Honestly, since I’ve never been to the Caribbean myself so I couldn’t really negate his impressions. I have no idea myself.  My two, short, warm-weather cruises were to Nassau/Coco Cay.  
    So how did we end up booking this? Well, a year and a half ago, we had our Alaskan cruise booked on Ovation for June 2019. We hadn’t taken a cruise, or any vacation that didn’t involve showing dogs, in ten years (pet sitters are hard to come by). But we finally secured one, and we had quite the trip planned.  We were going to drive to Seattle, spending 2-3 days in Yellowstone (we had the historic Yellowstone Inn booked), and then we were going to spend about 4-5 days exploring the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, where we plan to retire, before we boarded Ovation for our 7-night Alaskan cruise.
    But things happen, and in September of 2018 my husband slipped on a wet floor at a business and tore his quadricep.  He was out of work for 4 months after his surgery, which ate up a significant portion of his PTO that he had saved for the trip.  We decided that we couldn’t pull off the 3-week trip, and would have to fly to Seattle if we wanted to still go (note: Mr SpeedNoodles is terrified of flying - serious druggage is necessary to accomplish a flight).  So MY thought process was that we could use the money we were saving by shortening our trip to Seattle to book a winter Caribbean cruise! #speednoodleslogic.  I threw the idea out there at him, expecting him to poo poo it, and to my great surprise he just said yes! HOLY CRAP!  I emailed @michelle at MEI and quickly booked Symphony before he could change his mind. 
    During the 13+ month span of time since I booked the cruise I’ve been exposing him here and there with Royal Caribbean Blog podcasts (as well as the Cruise Tips TV Unplugged podcast), live YouTube and Facebook chats, etc etc.  After the Ovation cruise, he was even more excited about Symphony.  Planning. Could. Begin.
    Miami - Sea Day - Sea Day - St. Maarten  -  San Juan, PR - Sea Day - Coco Cay - Miami
    Pre-cruise hotel: Kimpton Epic
    What have we booked onboard? We went all out on our first Oasis-class ship.
    Unlimited Beverage Package ($18 intern special, TYVM)
    Unlimited Dining Package
    All Access Ship Tour
    Escape Room
    The Key
    Excursions? You betcha!!! (#OfficialMinnesotaTerminology)
    St. Maarten - 3rd party ATV tour
    San Juan - ATV tour booked through Royal Caribbean (this one should be very special to me and later I’ll tell you why!)
    Nothing special on Coco Key - Mr. Speednoodles’ plan is to snorkel, eat crispy chicken sandwich, snorkel, eat crispy chicken sandwich, repeat. I'll do some of the same with breaks to find the chickens and iguanas (I believe we are now on a first-name basis).
    This cruise is actually ending up being a sort of celebration.  Immediately upon our return I’ll be starting my new job - I’ve been promoted to supervisor!  I’m very excited (for many reasons, not least of which it is much easier to get PTO approved at that level!!)
    Ugh, the waiting is the hardest part (or so said Mr. Petty).  I want to pack and go NOW!!!!!
    (Shameless Fezzik photo, just because).

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    SpeedNoodles reacted to twangster in Symphony of the Seas - an island is an island is an island? (Feb 22 - 29, 2020)   
    Congrats on the promotion!
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    SpeedNoodles reacted to USCG Teacher in Oasis/Adventure Comparison   
    That last cruise I went on was on Adventure.  At the time, she was part of the largest class of cruise ships in the world.  My next cruise this summer is on Oasis.  😁👍
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    SpeedNoodles got a reaction from JohnK6404 in BOGO 50% off Deluxe Drink Package?   
    Don't ever bother looking at the % off.   You'll always pay less booking it prior to your cruise - just look at the price per day - the rest is meaningless.
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    SpeedNoodles reacted to JasonL in Liberty Embarkation question   
    So i'm sooooo ready for my Liberty cruise in 2 weeks. Haven't sailed out of Galveston, is there expedited embarkation like there is in some other ports? When I went on Mariner out of Orlando we were able to scan in our passports ahead of time which made embarkation and disembarkation so easy. I already checked in online instead of doing it on my app, is that why I'm not seeing it or is it just available out of Galveston?
    Thanks yall
    BTW- anyone gonna be on Liberty 2-9-20?
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    SpeedNoodles reacted to JasonL in Carry-on Bags   
    ditto to the above and wine. gotta lug my wine around for the first couple hours of the cruise unfortunately
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    SpeedNoodles reacted to Smurfy in It's official, my first cruise is booked!!   
    I decided to celebrate my 40th birthday with my first ever cruise! My birthday is in August, but I decided to go in June. Oasis of the Seas, leaving June 7th from New Jersey. Anyone else going?
    I appreciate Brock with M.E.I. Travel for helping me. He'll probably be sick of all my questions by cruise time! 😂
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    SpeedNoodles got a reaction from Ogilthorpe in Carry-on Bags   
    Swimwear - Day 1 is a great time to get space at the pool or catch the water slides.
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    SpeedNoodles reacted to Ogilthorpe in Carry-on Bags   
    In addition to what has been mentioned, we add those items that cannot be replaced (glasses, contacts, etc) and valuables we wouldn't check (cash, jewelry, etc)
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    SpeedNoodles got a reaction from Ogilthorpe in forgot to put in my crown and anchor #   
    Depending on  your status you may be eligible for discounts on certain room types, so I'd update Royal or your TA in case there's a price break.
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    SpeedNoodles reacted to JG1209 in Blue Lagoon and Coco Cay   
    I didnt realize that they werent open yet LOL I go in March... I am looking forward to it...
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    SpeedNoodles got a reaction from Jaymac Radio in When is your next cruise?   
    I just booked Allure  for 1/23/2022!!  741 days to go, lol.
    At some point I’ll even tell Mr. SpeedNoodles that I booked it.  That day is not today.  
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    SpeedNoodles reacted to Galveston Steve in All Things Galveston - Answers To Your Questions   
    Some have asked where the new Terminal 3 will be located at the Port of Galveston.  First is a big picture view, followed by a more detailed view.


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    SpeedNoodles got a reaction from Melodyjn in Bad experience at Labadee with Vendors   
    Yeah, I'd lose my sh*t if I saw someone treating a dog like that, and that doesn't come close to what the spouse would do. I've never been to Labadee but I've heard the local vendors are much more aggressive than on Coco Cay (I didn't find that most of them even attempted to engage me unless I was in their stall looking at something.
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    SpeedNoodles reacted to bhageerah in Bad experience at Labadee with Vendors   
    Been to Labadee once, and we had no issues with the vendors closer to the ship, once we went exploring and discovered that there were more vendors further away and "up the hill."  We found that they were much different and more harassing that the other vendors.  I can tell you that I would not hesitate to go back to Labadee, however it was not my favorite stop,  and I can assure you that we won't go anywhere near the other vendors on our possible return trip (depending on the itinerary).   As far as the dog goes, if it happened in front of me then it would definitely have been better for security to get him vs me getting my hands on him.  If someone is daft enough to abuse an innocent animal what will they do to another person?  Absolutely NO excuse for that kind of behavior! 
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    SpeedNoodles got a reaction from bhageerah in Bad experience at Labadee with Vendors   
    Yeah, I'd lose my sh*t if I saw someone treating a dog like that, and that doesn't come close to what the spouse would do. I've never been to Labadee but I've heard the local vendors are much more aggressive than on Coco Cay (I didn't find that most of them even attempted to engage me unless I was in their stall looking at something.
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    SpeedNoodles reacted to SteveinSC in MDR multiples...   
    I have ordered multiple entrees on every cruise ive ever been on. Nobody, except my wife (always looking out for me, against my will), has ever flinched. Its perfectly acceptable. 
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    SpeedNoodles reacted to WAAAYTOOO in MDR multiples...   
    I've done it many times.  Completely acceptable and common. No one will think twice about it.
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    SpeedNoodles reacted to twangster in Freedom of the Seas Fatality?   
    Trying to get video evidence thrown out is the hallmark of guilty people everywhere.
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    SpeedNoodles reacted to JLMoran in Freedom of the Seas Fatality?   
    Might not be disclosed at boarding, but there are signs posted all around the ship (every ship), especially in the public areas like the pools, that make it clear there is CCTV and that everyone is being monitored for safety and security purposes.
    They're grasping at the roots sticking out of the loose cliff wall, and the dirt surrounding those roots is crumbling rapidly...
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    SpeedNoodles reacted to crazytaxman in Good news if you have been dreaming of west coast cruises   
    If this is true, would love to see a 7 night or longer cruise.
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    SpeedNoodles reacted to basil in Booking 2021 Cruise - Unborn Baby?   
    When I booked a cruise for my nieces, I just made up birthdays.  I am a bad Aunt, I dont know their birthdays. After the surprise, I was able to adjust the birthdays with no problems or fees.
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    SpeedNoodles reacted to Atlantix2000 in Are there irons in the room?   
    Fire hazards on ships are serious business.  Being surrounded by water doesn't mean the ship can't burn and sink.
    You also can't bring a surge protector on board because it creates a fire hazard.  Electrical grounding works different on a ship so surge protectors can do WAY more harm than good.
    Perhaps you should rethink your formal outfits.  There's plenty of good looking clothes that don't need to be ironed.
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    SpeedNoodles got a reaction from Okgladgal in Sunscreen restrictions???   
    Given a choice of using environmentally friendly sunscreen I cannot imagine using something that’s not environmentally friendly.  Even if the rules don’t change for a year, the animals are still there.  
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