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  1. I found your previous blog on Serenade, unfortunately most of your great photos are deleted, but I got this nice summary:
  2. I would have loved to know your opinion on how smaller ships compare to an Oasis class when there are limited choices for activities and dining. Really wanted to see this ship through your lens.
  3. Thank you @Neaxan for sharing your first RC cruise with us and letting us live the experience with you. You were also very lucky meeting @twangster 😄 Choosing Symphony for your first RC cruise is a smart choice so you could see the best and most of what Royal Caribbean offers.
  4. Thank you for another enjoyable blog. I imagined myself sitting with you in that shuttle bus as I continue my journey on Serenade for the next 10 days. Is it possible to share with us what future cruises you have booked, even if you are not blogging them?
  5. I was searching for you in the Grills among other periscopers videos but couldn't find you. You must have taken extreme precautions there 😄
  6. Can the same WOWband be "re-programmed" and used on a later cruise free of charge?
  7. Is this a standard on all Oasis ships? Does the Soda come with the free meal? Although I am slowly turning into a vegetarian, the burger looks delicious!
  8. I am concerned about the amount of food waste the happens on cruise ships or everywhere else. I hope Royal Caribbean makes good use of it.
  9. Hi Chris, I have been always wondering where the ship staff sleep and how their accommodation look like compared to guests. On which deck are their cabins? Does the captain get a better cabin than other staff? How long is each shift? Do they work 7 days a week? Are you allowed to post videos or photos of crew-only areas? It will be interesting seeing the "other side" of the cruising world.
  10. Is the TV program advertised anywhere? How did you know the schedule of the Captain Updates?
  11. That's like 7 decks up, right? I am starting to like this No-Elevators rule and may follow it on my next cruise. It's even faster for me to take the stairs.
  12. I am very interested in the Escape the Rubicon. Hope you get to try it and tell us more about it. When I tried the Ultimate Abyss for the first time I went so fast I almost flipped and fell on my face on the second turn, I had to support myself with my arm and I got stuck inside the slide because of that, and I had to push myself down. I guess I was doing it wrong as well! I didn't get the chance to try it again but I would have loved to.
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