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  1. Exactly this. (Not to get off topic from Cruise travel vs Flight travel) I had flights booked in April for a trip to Aruba that had 1 layover, American Airlines cancelled from my layover city to Aruba and my return flight from Aruba to my layover city...BUT they kept my originating city I was flying from to my layover city (and vice versa for my return)...I contacted AA because I had been reading the horror stories (like yours above) where the airlines started playing games with people saying "you cancelled, not us, so here is your credit, not refund", and the customer support was atrocious, b
  2. This is exactly why when my in-laws asked if we wanted to reschedule our June cruise on Oasis (with our 3 year old) we said no without hesitation (thus cancelling altogether). We almost exclusively eat at WJ, and we don't find fighting with a 3 yr old to wear his mask when needed as an enjoyable vacation. The wife and I may cruise first at some point and assess the situation before bringing our kid again.
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