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  1. The cash was paid in 2019. They didn’t just hand me a FCC. It was a credit based on a fare I PAID for that was canceled. No different if they took the money I paid and applied it to the 2020 cruise. Fact is I paid the $1300. Instead of giving it back to me they issued a FCC. When the second cruise was canceled, they are arguing I only paid $2. No I did not - I paid $1302. Get it?
  2. Yes- but RCCL is not honoring this at all
  3. Agreed, the initial payment was in 2019 though. Not sure I would have had much recourse a year later but I hear you
  4. Thank you for the sound advice - I will do just that
  5. I didn't post it to be helpful, I posted it because this was my experience - and it was a horrible one. I am glad you experiences have been better, but going forward I will choose to spend my vacation dollars somewhere else.
  6. Let me explain that I have never been on an RC cruise. I have had both of my scheduled cruises in the past two years involuntarily canceld because of circumstances beyond RC's control. I do not blame them for that. What I do blame them for is the absolutely ridiculous and flat out horrific customer service that they provide when you call them. It is so beyond bad, that I am amazed that they are still in business. Honestly, it is that bad. Consider these facts: * I received a future cruise credit from my first canceled cruise in 2019 * I used that cruise credit to book another cruis
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