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  1. Two years ago on Allure, we were extended from 7 days to 10 days due to Hurricane Irma. They offered half off beverages on the extra days as well as half off specialty dining. They waived the dress codes at all the dining venues. They gave everyone free 30 minutes of internet access to contact home. You could also visit the conference room center to use the phone. I also think laundry was offered at a discount as well.
  2. I was on Allure of the Seas 2 years ago during Hurricane Irma. Our cruise was extended 3 days. Many people who had to get home got off at Jamaica, Costa Maya, and Cozumel. The next cruise after us was cut down to 4 days and was doing an overnight at Nassau. They were offering us the option to extend the 4 days for only a few hundred dollars since I assume people cancelled and they wanted to fill the cabins. We would have extended, but we had to return to work. I vlogged our entire cruise experience and provided updates along the way. You can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/play
  3. Whenever taking cruises during hurricane season, you have to prepare for the possibility of itinerary changes. Two years ago during Hurricane Irma, my cruise was extended 3 days and the ports were constantly changing. We ended up stopping at Cozumel twice.
  4. This is super helpful! The menus look accurate especially on the formal nights. Now I can definitely pick and choose which dates to eat at specialty dining, as long as the reservations are available to suit my schedule.
  5. Yes, your child can order off the adult menu and you can order off the kids menu.
  6. Thanks for the answer. I was just curious. Maybe we will bump into each other on the cruise. I'll be walking around with a GoPro vlogging.
  7. Hi! I am sailing on Harmony of the Seas on October 13 and I was wondering if there will be any Fall decorations around the ship? I sailed on Adventure of the Seas in early December 2018 and they were already decked out for the holidays. This is my first fall cruise and I was hoping to see at least some pumpkins or displays. I know the Halloween decorations will only be out for Halloween. Thanks!
  8. I found another "paella" picture I took in December on Adventure of the Seas. I am not quite sure of the name for this fruit dessert.
  9. This is so unfortunate and happening way too often for Royal Caribbean. Too many people falling/jumping/climbing over railings.
  10. Is this what you are referring too? They served this on Grandeur of the Seas on one of the last sea days of a 9 day cruise. I couldn’t believe it!
  11. I always prefer Aft to Forward. Not just for minimal rocking, but I feel like the elevators and stairs on the Aft side of the ship are more convenient to venues I frequently visit such as the dining room, buffet (on most ships), and the pool.
  12. As a picky eater....I love the cookies: chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, mudslide, etc. I also like the omelette station. On Adventure of the Seas last December, we received a pager so I wasn't waiting around for my omelette and was able to eat other food in the meantime. Also, their pasta is pretty good. I think it is because of all the olive oil. Their chicken burgers/sandwiches were really good, but I only found it during dinner time. Lastly, I love their french fries and their vegetables. I do have to say though, the buffets on Celebrity Cruises are far superior to Royal Caribbean. Roy
  13. Reservations only need to be made on the Oasis class and Quantum class ships. Freedom of the Seas has traditional showtimes to accommodate both MDR seatings. No need to make any reservations.
  14. I sailed a 9 night itinerary to Bermuda and Bahamas on Grandeur 2 years ago. I found that the cruise was very relaxing since it doesn't have the amenities that the larger ships have. I vlogged my experience, so be sure to check it out. Maybe you will find something useful.
  15. I had a towel animal that was wearing sunglasses and reading the cruise compass. Another time the animal was watching Dora the Explorer on tv. I always love the towel animals that use our sunglasses or hats. I always bring a stuffed animal with me on cruises ever since I was very young and I love when it is incorporated. These little touches always make the cruise extra special!
  16. Like many others have mentioned, I love reading blogs and watching vlogs. I also rewatch my cruise vlogs since I love to relive my memories. youtube.com/melkaps
  17. This is good to know, thanks! For my cruise in October, I booked a snorkeling excursion in St. Thomas and it states we need special sunscreen since we are swimming with coral reefs.
  18. I believe St. Maarten is the better port to snorkel. I did the Rhino Rider Adventure back in December and we drove 2 person motor boats to a snorkel spot. The water wasn't the clearest, but the overall excursion and experience was great. I know Royal Caribbean has lots of snorkeling excursion options for St. Maarten. I consider San Juan more of a historical port and usually walk around the streets. I always bring my own snorkel (full face mask on Amazon) with me. Labadee had some cloudy water, but I didn't go to a specific area to snorkel. However, you wouldn't have to worry about it
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