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  1. My cruise is about 30 days out, and if I get the UDP on whatever black Friday sale coming up will I pretty much be out of luck getting reasonable dining times at the specialty restaurants since I'm so close to the cruise date?
  2. Thanks for all the replies. On an unrelated topic, I saw there was a sale on some of the packages like beverage and dining, but when I go to my cruise planner it doesn't show any discount and I don't recall what the price was before they announced the sale to know if the discount is already factored in.
  3. My family of 3 is new to RC. We've cruised Disney a bunch of times and I finally convinced my wife to save some money and give RC a try. On Disney most of the cruises we've been on we have been seated with another family since we're only 3. Most of the time it's worked out fine since they try and seat you with a similar family as far as kids / ages. Does RC do that or is it luck of the draw who they seat you with? We have My Time dining on Anthem if that matters... Thanks!
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