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  1. The World Cup is not something us Scots have to worry about lol However we do take an interest and Follow A.B.E Anyone But England Come on USA
  2. Can't comment on cruising the UK but i stay there so i can comment on the weather! If you wake up to go onshore and the sky is clear and it's 20+ c bring a brolly just in case! Further north you go ( scotland ) then you can experience 4 seasons in 1 day ( this is not a joke ) On the other hand you could get a week of glorious sunshine with temperatures in the high 20s But then again we have had snow in June! You may have realised its impossible to predict UK weather ...even when you go to bed you haven't a clue what tomorrow will bring.
  3. Your original reply was not the same as what the OG poster wrote, your timeline of events was not the same as OG poster.
  4. Thought i would share this for anyone outside US, below are comparisons for a cruise priced on both US and UK RC websites. Obviously we cannot book through the RC US website but we can use a good TA to do it for us. So a shout out to Blog Sponsors MEI Travel for saving this Frugal Scotsman a few bucks
  5. This is also how i see it happening! Would love to see the CCTV of it to see who became argumentative 1st!
  6. Ok so you had an appointment booked but tried to get seen earlier? This was refused because you already had an appointment booked. Someone else appeared without an appointment and got seen and you questioned why he had allowed someone without a booking to been seen instead of someone who had a booking later in the day! I guess the question is how you went about questioning him?
  7. Great photo's The one with the wine glass was the one that convinced my wife to agree to an Aft balcony on Explorer in 2024.
  8. I'm surprised there are no cruises out of Copenhagen or Stockholm for 2024
  9. They are there, Check sailings out of Amsterdam.
  10. Are you based in UK? If so did you book on RC UK website? If you did then you are covered by ABTA rules ( ABTA logo is on RC UK website ) these rules state that an alternative or refund should be offered.
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-australia-63605824.amp Hopefully any negative press about this situation is ignored and those in power use their brains and realise that things like like are going to happen from now on be it on land or at sea!
  12. Due to the conflict St Petersburg was dropped and replaced either with an overnight in Stockholm or a new port of call
  13. A sense of entitlement is common place in everyday life not just on cruiseships. Some more mature people complain non stop about how the younger generation behave and have no manners, then go out and behave even worse due to their belief that the world owes them or that they are above everyone else simply because of where they stay or how much money they have in the bank. But it's not just the more mature that behave this way, younger generations follow in the footsteps of their parents and grandparents, how they are raised at home will have an impact on how they behave when older.
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