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  1. may I recommend the burgers in the windjammer they are all new thick and juicy not those hockey pucks they were serving in my humble opinion far better then rockets I cruise royal only and was on the indie in feb this year same old overcooked quarter inch flat burger just got off the brilliance yesterday what a difference look to be 1/2 pounders juicy and they have there own section on the floor dispensing displays seem to be fresh baked rolls and a huge selection of toppings they are hand formed and if you ask they will make you one while you wait BON VOYAGE
  2. hands down giovannis my family found chops to have a steak that compares to ponderosa and slow and uninterested service from the waiters but Giovannis on FOTS left us with memories we will have forever
  3. no they just don't have it unfortunately not on any other class of ship sure hurt my feelings
  4. I have never been asked to do this I know employees have to do this but not guests many don't have pass ports as there not required on close looped cruises it would not surprise me if a ship going to cuba did this but I have been to most all of the Caribbean multiple times and never ran into this even on my uncles island hopper to many ports but if an island nation declares an item contraband they will sieze it and hold it till you untie the mooring to leave this I ran into back in the 70s during the pirate days the local law made us hand over our shotguns till we left but they were very graci
  5. I too don't feel nickeled just more services and merchandise available trying to get the availability out there I like Matts idea of using all the screens on the ships to be the town crier I very well remember no internet on the ships at all I choose to set my phone to airplane mode but if you want it its there for purchase for a great case of sticker shock try the ship to shore rates the specialty restaurants are there but I rarely use them I find the mdr perfect for my needs and just like home If there is a special occasion I will go to giovannis the menu at chops is basicly available in th
  6. definitely try the krazy lobster they have a web site to check the place out the port is quite nice also letting you know get ready for the longest pier walk I have ever seen anywhere you can check that out on you tube have a great time
  7. I have been in pano cabins 3 cruises in the past love them I knew a time would come when the price would go up this general use price of pano rooms was all a price test the only thing is at this point only VP CATEGORY ARE CONSIDERED SUITES I believe the others over time will be considered suites of some kind and command a higher price as far as I know the defining feature is the bunk beds I know that out of all the pano rooms on adventure only 2 are cat VP the rest for now are ocean view this will not last long so experience these while you can I have one of the big ones in nov on adventure bu
  8. I just went on the app and it shows my cruises with the app and the ones without my nov cruise on the adventure shows everything seems to work fine awesome
  9. BUBBA didn't see the stop forrest stop end of February either anyone know when they opened maybe have some pictures or a menu or both?
  10. I guess for the unwashed in steerage we will have to settle for the jammer
  11. I for one love the idea I have questioned many times why no fishing charters in these beautiful ports as a young man sailing the Caribbean on my uncles 83 ft island hopper I never remember a time we did not have several trolling feathers dragging behind the ship we always had an ample supply of mahi fresh as can be and when in port plenty of snapper and grouper nothing beats fresh fish on the grill I think it is time to drop a suggestion in the box by guest services on my next cruise
  12. OCT 1 I am solo on the Brilliance for a 5 nighter celebrating the end of a long hot summer I don't cruise during the summer its just to hot for me a great deal of my life I worked in 50 degree temps and now my body just wont adjust to the summer extremes and I was lucky I scored one of the 3 solo cabins love to try new stuff NOV 24 off to the eastern for 8 nights on the Adventure I have never sailed this class have a pano on this one just love this category of rooms for me the pano is the only way to go people say it is similar to the Freedom in size and amenities I have sailed all 3 in that
  13. I was in the pano room feb on the independence they are the best on the ship this is my second pano booking the first on freedom and in nov I have a pano on the adventure as far as I am concerned these are the best cabins on a ship I am a sightseer and the views are breathtaking I always used to get balcony rooms but didn't use the balcony much the heat is far to much for me and I would go to the Viking crown lounge for my daily sightseeing once you experience the views you will under stand I have several pictures I took from the windows but will have many more after November try them you will
  14. I don't know who is fooling the big Dis fans there is a huge price difference between the 2 lines my kids are older now 17 and 18 I wanted to take them for years on a dis cruise but found I could take 2 cruises on ROYAL for the same money plus I am NOT a child hater I have 4 but with many cruises under my belt cruise ship and 86 foot island hopper with passengers plus children of all ages from 8 to 80 it scares me to be out on a ship with what I am sure is a huge percentage of unsupervised children roaming everywhere looking for something to do we all have our own preference which type of exp
  16. ok aren't the ships confined spaces and the lack of personal sanitation the cause of noro virus with all the people crammed into small spaces now we add dogs cats turkeys hamsters and whatever to the mix where does the litter box go where does the dog poop and pee I have seen a great dane that its owner said was a support dog the smell will become overwhelming and what about fleas and ticks does the ships doctor certify the health of the animal I think not I applaud you Royal for doing the right thing in my humble opinion animals do not belong on cruise ships yes it costs me a lot of money to
  17. I think that in this case its the mass abuse of this service that led to royal taking action my apologies to the people in need but I have had the unfortunate experience of having one of these in a room close to mine that yapped for hours as I found out later while the emotionally needy person was in the pub on the promenade in the business I was in we had a surge of emotional support animals for a while till we required proof of need usually by a doctor and the numbers dwindled quickly I am told the little coats the animals wear are available multiple places on the internet
  18. we who cruise in steerage class salute you how bout bilge rats
  19. I like to travel a lot and many times find myself in places ripe with pickpockets plus I hate sitting on a wallet soooo I went on amazon and for 15.00 I solved my problem I bought a front pocket wallet its super slim and goes in the front not the rear pocket which makes it way harder for you to become a victim I have heard of victims loosing there wallet out of there back pocket in crowds without even disturbing the zipper equipped pocket top using a very sharp instrument of some sort cutting the fabric plus most pants have a double wall pocket in the front and only single wall in the back I p
  20. it has been my experience that when dealing with royal the European aussie Asian uk branches have there own sets of policies and offers this may be unique to the us where since they keep jacking the price at rockets rarely have I seen anyone in there lately this may be there way of getting people in with hopes they will buy the menu products royal does not make moves like this without a plan to increase profits to me the hamburger on the room service menu is far superior to rockets
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